I Have Keloid in my Back Where the Bra Strap is Ever Since I Was 15. I Was Persuaded to Buy Sculptra for my Face. Is This Safe?

The reason for using sculptra is to enhance the jaw bone line and probably lift up the eyes area. I haven't had the treatment before, and afraid the keloid reaction will happen in my face. Please advise if I should not go ahead with this treatment.

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Keloids and Sculptra Injections....

It is highly unlikely to develop keloids post Sculptra injections on the face.  I, personally, have never seen or heard such a thing. 

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Sculptra treatment and Keloids

Sculptra treatments have not been shown to cause a greater incidence of keloid scarring.  Sculptra has also been shown to be safe in people of all skin colors and types.  Having said that, most of the injectable fillers are not recommended to be used in people with a history of keloids because of the potential risk.  Have all of your wounds always healed with keloid scarring?  And have you had other needle injections before without keloid formation?  I would discuss this further with your doctor to come to an educated decision.

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