Is 63 Too Old and is It Safe to Get LASIK? (photo)

just noticed an online offer starting at $300/eye by the Lasik Eye Institute I am about to spend another $1000 for several new glasses and was looking into contact lenses for the first time as I've resigned myself that I do need glasses ALL THE TIME to read anything up close although $8 1.50 readers work best for TV and computer and about 2.50 for reading MD is having me use eye drops for dry eye for a week before giving prescription I'm 63 and is that to old to consider Lasik surgery?

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LASIK age limit

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If you have not had cataract surgery, LASIK may not be a very good investment at your age as your prescription is likely to change in the next few years as the cataract begins to develop. A better, more permanent option would be removing the cataract early. Also, beware of heavily discounted LASIK. The only way this is possible is by using sub-standard equipment and an inexperienced surgeon. Many times, it is a gimmick to get people in the door. 

New York Ophthalmologist

Too old for LASIK

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There is no absolute age limit for LASIK, but early cataract surgery may be a better option for some.  The oldest person that I have performed LASIK was 84 years old.  The concern should be with trying to get a bargain with LASIK surgery from a place that has a price of $300.  You only have one set of eyes.  Why would you trust the cheapest one?  If you needed heart surgery, would you look for the best or the cheapest.  In this world, you get what you pay for.

Mark Golden, MD
Chicago Ophthalmologist

Is 63 Too Old To Have Lasik

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As I read your question, I see two areas of discussion I would like to a address. First, 63 is not too old to have Laser Vision Correction(Lasik or PRK) provided your eyes are otherwise healthy and don't show early signs of cataract, glaucoma or other eye problem. If that is the case, and you are, after proper testing, a good candidate, then you will do well. I always tell older patients that "the laser really doesn't care how old you are," it is just that we have to be sure your eyes are healthy enough for the procedure.

My second point regards your repeated mention of cost regarding Lasik. I beg you to be exceedingly careful of those idyllic ads that offer Lasik for next to nothing, only to upsell you obnoxiously once you are in the door. Even worse, if they stay at a ridiculously low price point, then you are all but certain to be receiving treatment on old, outdated and poorly maintained equipment. Is that what you want after waiting all of these years? Be very careful in your choice of surgeons, and do your homework regarding which procedure is best for you.

Anthony J. Kameen, MD
Baltimore Ophthalmologist

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