Im 62, I Take Adderall 3 Times Daily, its Made my Skin Dry. Is Retin-a Bad Idea?

Hi, I will be 63 in sept. I have a light olive complexion, and my skin use to be very oily. After I went through menopause my skin became a little dry. For the last two years ive been taking adderall 20MG three times a day. The medication is a god send, but my skin has become very dry. Will retin-a help my skin or cause me to dry out even more? Thank You!

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RetinA Usage...

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RetinA is still beneficial.  If it is too drying... moisturize prior to applying RetinA.  Also, you can use RetinA everyother night as well and slowly move into using it every night once your skin starts tolerating it better.

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Retin-A and dryness

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Retin-A does cause dryness, which can be exacerbated by other medications, climate, time of year, etc. There are different compounds of Retin-A, though, i.e., creams or gels, and different manufacturers too. So there are options which help alleviate the dryness anyway and if you are having more dryness than you'd like, you can always cut back the use of the Retin-A to every few days and still get good results.

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