550 Cc Look Small On My Frame? (photo)

Maybe it's too soon to tell. But why does it seem my 550 cc high profile implants look so small. I had my BA yesturday. Started out as barely a 32A. I was hoping for a large D. I'm 5'2 110

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Breast Results One Day Post-Op is Too Early To Make Any Conclusions..

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Thank you for posting this question.  For right now, you should concentrate on following all your post-operative instructions to avoid any type of complications and/or delay in your recovery.  I tell all my patients that sometimes it takes approximately 6 months to really get a feel of the volume of your breasts after surgery.  Of course there will be immediate post-operative surgical swelling, but the swelling re-distributes and will fill in more in the cleavage area versus most of the swelling sitting under the axillary/arm-pit area.  Also, keep in mind that with the high profile implants you should be able to achieve nice projection (as this is what the high profile implants will do for you).  Lastly, volume is very dependent on an individual basis.  For example, if Suzy was very flat-chested with no breast tissue and no skin elasticity it would be virtually unrealistic for her to have 800cc implants put in without compromising Suzy's breasts.  I hope this helps!  Good luck.

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550 Cc Look Small On My Frame?

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Impossible to answer with covered posted photo! And you are ONLY 1 day after surgery. Best to discuss wityh your surgeon. 

Breast Augmentation Size

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Unfortunately, immediately after surgery you are swollen and probably the biggest you are going to be.  As the swelling goes down, you will be a bit smaller.  The shape will change a lot though.  It takes a full month for the implant to settle down into the pocket and 3 months for all the swelling to go down.  The most common complaint after breast augmentation is the regret that the implants are not big enough.  If you do want to get a larger implant, I recommend that you wait until you are healed.  The recovery is much easier after you have already had implants placed.  Good luck!  K. Roxanne Grawe, MD Columbus, OH Plastic Surgeon.

Cosmetic Surgery is an Art and a Science

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Thank you for the question. Take some time to get through the recovery. It takes several weeks to see the result in size and shape. Discuss your concerns with your surgeon Dr Thomas Narsete austin, Tx

Give it time

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Hello. I am fairly confident that you will not think that 550cc high profile implants are too small. It is normal to be unsure about your size post op but with time the implants will start to settle and you will get use to them. For now just concentrate on following any post op instructions to make sure you stay healthy and complication free.

Jaime Perez, MD
Breast Augmentation Specialist
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Jaime Perez, MD
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550 Cc Look Small On My Frame?

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Although you are fully clothed in the photograph, the 550 cc implants look like they will be the correct size for you. You are so early in the recovery process so please have patience and followup with your plastic surgeon.

Thomas Guillot, MD
Baton Rouge Plastic Surgeon

Size after breast augmentation

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Thanks for your picture and question.  Congratulations on your procedure!  You are too soon after surgery to make much about judgement on size.  Your breasts will change significantly over the next three months.  I will say that 550 cc implants on your frame are quite large.

Naveen Setty, MD
Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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Need to wait and see....

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You need to wait and see. My experience is that a 550cc implant will not get you from an A to a D. You probably needed at least a 650cc or larger implant but you may not have been able to fit this size in your breasts.

Breast Aug Size Depends On Where You Start

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The final size of your breasts depends on where you start. If you were barely an A cup, then 550 cc implants may not get you to a D Cup.  There are limitations in how large of an implant that can be placed at your primary augmentation. You should discuss this matter further with your surgeon.  All the best in your recovery.

Very Early Breast Augmentation Results

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At just one day after surgery, you should avoid thinking about your breast size and just focus on recovery. You are going to need at least 3 months of adjustment to the new look before you judge the results. How you may feel about your new breasts today could well change in 3 months.

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