52 year old man, sagging butt due to weight loss

i am a 52 year old man - due to weight loss my butt has sagged and become wrinkled - what do i do?

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Correction of saging buttock

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Depending upon the degree of "sagging", an appropriately sized buttock implant alone can often provide significant volume needed as well as lift for a deflated buttock... 

Often just by inflating or re-inflating the buttock, the lower buttock will perk up and reduce or even eliminate any loose skin there. Occasionally, a lower buttock tuck (by removing the loose skin) may be necessary as well. The two accepted options for augmenting ("inflating") the buttock are fat transfer (aka Brazilian butt lift) and buttock implants. Unfortunately because much of the fat melts away after fat transfer, most of my patients do not have enough fat to begin with and thus are not good candidates. At least once per week I see a new patient in consultation that failed fat transfer to the buttock and remains frustrated over their buttock appearance. Buttock implants at least provide a reliable long term and predictable outcome. I strongly recommend consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon that performs both procedures and not just the Brazilian buttock lift so that s/he can provide you with an unbiased recommendation for surgery.  Glad o help. 

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Saggy wrinkled butt in 52 year old man

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No photos but will answer generally.   Fat transfer may help and should be considered to minimize the wrinkles.   In addition a true buttocks surgical lift should be considered.  This means an incision above the buttocks with skin and tissue actually cut out surgically.   The scar is about 180 degrees around you but should heal nicely.    This is a fairly rigorous surgery but may be the only answer.    It will definitely give you a lift.   A combination of the buttocks lift and fat transfer from abdomen should be considered.   Please submit photos for a more exact answer.   See a surgeon certified by the ABPS who is also FACS.  Ask more question of RealSelf.   Thanks and My Best,  Dr C

Buttock Lift

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After massive weight loss there is lax skin and loss of volume in the buttocks. Only through a thorough examination and discussion with you as to the results desired can one advise you on the appropriate procedure to meet your goals.
Samir Shureih MD. FACS

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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52 year old man, sagging butt due to weight loss

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I perform the Brazilian buttlift and the conventional buttock lift.

I also perform buttock implants as well.

I would find a board certified plastic surgeon who performs all of these to achieve your goals.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

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