5 Weeks Post Op Tummy Tuck and Incision Has Opened About 1/4 of an Inch. What Do I Do?

I'm 5 wks. post op tummy tuck and my scar does not hurt and seems to be healing well. I removed my surgical tape over the scar 2 days ago since it was already coming off on it's own. Today after removing my silicone scar sheets I saw a tiny tear in my incision less than half of an inch in length. Should I put tape to protect it? Should I be careful when showering? Should I put ointment? What should I do to make it heal back together? I don't want the tear to lengthen & I'm worried about bacteria.

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Delayed wound healing after tummy tuck

Occasionally after tummy tuck there can be small areas that take longer to heal than the rest of the incisions.  This is usually because the skin is stretched as tight as it possibly can be with a tummy tuck.  When the skin is stretched a little too tight, small areas can open up.  If that happens, I recommend washing with soap and water gently twice a day and applying bacitracin and some dry gauze.  I would contact your surgeon to let them know and give them a chance to examine you. Small areas like the one you described usually will heal well on their own with good local wound care.

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Delayed Wound Healing after Tummy Tuck

This does happen to people and is one of the risks/complications that your plastic surgeon should have discussed with your prior to surgery. First off, I would definately advise you to schedule a follow up with your plastic surgeon and notify them that you are experiencing a delayed wound healing or opening up of the tummy tuck incision. Second, as you were instructed in a previous post,  I would shower normally using soap and water, pat to dry the area and cover it with antibiotic ointment (similar to neosporin or a generic triple antibiotic ointment from a drug store) and cover it with a piece of gauze. Make sure the incision site remains clean and dry and get in to see your surgeon as soon as possible. He may suggest an additional course of antibiotics just to prevent you from possible infection while the incision heals up, but that is generally up to your surgeon.


I hope this helps you and good luck

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5 Weeks Post Op Tummy Tuck and Incision Has Opened

This type of question is more appropriately addressed to your surgeon. At five weeks a likely cause is a yet undissolved suture working its way to the surface. If that is it, it needs to be removed or it won't heal until it dissolves. Any other possiblities can be addressed by your surgeon. 

All the best.

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Importance of Doctor- Patient relationship in any Cosmetic Surgery

This question should be asked by you from your surgeon and not from strangers on internet.

Call your surgeon right away and let him give you your best answer for your issue 

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