3rd Molar Broke During Extraction. Is It Ok to Leave Part of the Tooth in the Gum?

My 3rd molar was jutting out into the cheek, so my dentist suggested that I get it removed. During extraction, part of the tooth broke off and the root is still in the gum. My dentist says it is ok to leave it in, and that it will not cause any harm. Does this make sense or should I get a second opinion? Is it ok to leave part of the tooth in?

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Leave and monitor

Teeth often break during extraction for various reasons. I would recommend that the broken piece be removed in the following situations: 
If half or more if the root has broken 
If the tooth shows signs of an abscess on the X-ray 

If the broken piece is small , ideally the end third of the root , then it is acceptable to leave the tooth as it is and monitor over time. Very often with time, the broken piece will come up closer to the gum and will be easier to remove. If you decide to leave it, watch for signs of pain/ swelling. 

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3rd Molar Broke During Extraction

The root should be extracted.........................................................................

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