i got 380cc high profile implants. Will they fall? (Photo)

i have been massaging, my two week post pictures both boobs looks the same though the one that is most lowest has always been like that. what can i do? will i need revision or time to wait it out?? please help!

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Left breast implant is actually low, the right looks more normal

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Thank you for your question and photograph.  Certainly at this early stage your implants can continue to fall and if you continue massage on the higher 1 on the right it will come down some more.  However the left implant looks possibly too low..  Please consult your plastic surgeon as to whether the lower side needs to be lifted by an internal capsule tightening.

Implants Take Time to Settle

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Two weeks is still very early. The left breast has a better position than the right, which looks a little too high. If you have one, please add a pre-op photo. It would help to know if there was a difference before your surgery.

Have patience

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Two weeks after surgery is far too soon to determine your final shape and implant position. Allow yourself 3-6 months for your implants to settle into position. If you need reassurance or notice any new firmness or increased asymmetry between your breasts return to your surgeon to discuss your concerns. 

Renee Burke, MD
Barrington Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Augmentation Questions

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The fact that the lower nipple looked like that before surgery indicates that the inframammary fold may have been tighter, not allowing the respective implant to 'drop in' or expand the tissue envelope as it did on the other side. Although this could have happened with any type of implant, HP are the most likely to have malposition issues. 

At three weeks, it is expected that you have very full and tight upper poles, especially with HP implants. This will relax over the next few months.  Implant massaging has no demonstrable positive effects, yet many surgeons can't seem to stop prescribing it. One recent study looked at many different aspects of breast augmentation and found that massaging was associated with a higher incidence of capsular contracture.  

The space between your breasts is accentuated by the overly projecting implants and the quick transition from chest wall to breast implant, something that could be improved upon with a lower profile implant. Additionally, further surgical widening of the subpectoral pocket may still be possible, allowing the implants to settle more centrally which would narrow the gap.  Such a determination cannot be made in this forum though.

There is nothing you need to do immediately, and you will need about 6 months to heal. At that point you can reassess. If it is decided that a revision surgery is necessary, I recommend see surgeons who specialize in revision breast surgery.  They would of course be certified by the ABPS, but also be members of the ASAPS.

Best of luck!

Gerald Minniti, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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I got 380cc high profile implants. Will they fall?

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Allow 3 months post operative to past than consider revision if not satisfied. The before posted photos would help in our comparison..// 

380 cc implants and position

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I think that you need to allow things to heal and the breasts to settle.  Give it more time to heal. Good luck with your results.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Implants dropping

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Implants always settle it just takes time. The muscle and skin need to soften and stretch to allow that to happen though. No one would revise you at such an early point post op. Be patient and stay in touch with your surgeon.

Implants ALWAYS drop (unless textured).

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Gravity is one of those things that nobody is exempt from, and scar tissue almost always (around 97%) softens and stretches as maturation occurs, so unless textured implants were used (they adhere to the tissues and can't drop or soften very much), you WILL drop, soften, and stretch over time. That time period is 6-12 months, however, so it is much too early to be talking about revision!

If you have smooth implants, you can perform implant displacement exercises (massage) and/or wear an elastic bandeau to help improve symmetry. You may even need to wear it above the high breast implant and below the low breast implant. But you will need to discuss these things with your surgeon first, as it is s/he to whom you will go for revision if that is necessary in 6-12 months.

BTW, why did you (or your surgeon) select high profile implants? Your photo shows a wide unnatural cleavage that will not improve as time goes by, and the somewhat unnatural projection is a feature of too-narrow, too-high implants. Plus, when they drop, you will have LESS upper pole fullness, which is why many surgeons and patients think they want them in the first place. I only bring this up to suggest that if surgical revision is desired, you consider lower-profile (moderate or moderate plus) implants which will have a wider base for exactly the same volume. Or, you can change sizes also.

However, it is premature to speculate about revisionary surgery at this time! Call your surgeon! Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

Richard H. Tholen, MD, FACS
Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 263 reviews

Breast Revision

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Thank you for your picture.  It appears that you have breast asymmetry that will require revision.  If this persists after 3 months then seek revision.

Dr. ES

Early post op results from breast augmentation

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Congratulations on your breast augmentation. 2 weeks post operative is quite early. You absolutely will have some swelling on board and if the implants were placed under your muscle they will drop over the next 1-3 months. You asymmetry may resolve but most breasts almost always have some degree of asymmetry. Give it some time and make sure you follow up with your PS. Good luck. 

Gaurav Bharti

Gaurav Bharti, MD, FACS
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 124 reviews

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