Can Damon Widen Lower Arch and Pull Teeth Back Effectively?

My teeth are too front forward and crowded due my lower arch being kind of narrow. Could the Damon system address this?

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Damon system is the perfect answer for you

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The answer to the question is yes.  That is exactly what the Damon system is known for, widening not just the lower arch, but also the upper arch.  We do this by applying a light constant force to the teeth within the bodies on natural physiological movement that allows the bone to remodel and widen upper and lower arches.  We have CT scans after CT scans showing the bone expanding as arches widen.  Also, with the added pressure of the musculature of the lips, this brings the angulation of the incisors back if the teeth are protruding which a nice side effect.  Overall, if you want the fullest and broadest smile, the Damon system is the perfect answer for you.

Gainesville Orthodontist

The Damon System May Work Great for You, but Isn't Magic

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The Damon System is the most efficient way to treat a narrow lower arch that is tipped in, but there needs to be bone and healthy gums to support the widening of your lower arch

By using light biologically sensible forces to upright your teeth and help shape your arches, this will be the kindest way on your gums and bone to widen your lower arch, but without full records I am unable to tell how much expansion would be achievable and appropriate for you.

You definitely are on the right track with your interest in Damon Braces because of the way the treatment mechanics work, but sometimes there are limits to what we can do. If you needed additional widening beyond what your current periodontium would allow, there is a periodontal procedure to be able to graft additional bone in the areas. This is called Wilckodontics and Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics. In severely crowded cases, it can also speed up treatment dramatically to the point where treatment might only take several months. Ask your orthodontist if there is a periodontist or oral surgeon in the area that has been trained to perform this procedure.

Scott Frey, DDS
Allentown Orthodontist

Can Damon Braces change the shape of the arch and pull front teeth bac

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Yes they can up to a point.  It depends on how much change that you need.   I have used Damon brackets for over seven years and like them very much.   If you need a lot of retraction of the front teeth changing the arch form may not be enough and some extractions of permanent teeth might be required.  It all depends on the goals for the facial profile that you want.  As in all orthodontic cases, the most important thing is the PLAN.  exactly where do the front teeth need to be to get the profile and smile width that you want and what do we have to do to get them into that position.  Good planning is the key to good orthodontic treatment  so be sure to go to an ADA recognized orthodontic specialist and ask to see pictures of similar cases that he personally has treated and see if you like the results.

Clark L. Jones, DDS, MSD
Phoenix Orthodontist

Do Damon Braces Work Better for Narrow, Crowded Arches?

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I've used Damon brackets since they were first introduced and currently use the Damon Q bracket on all my patients. I love them for many reasons. They are small, smooth, quickly adjusted at appointments, consistent between assistants, and can be be used for longer spans of time between adjustments. I also realize that the Damon bracket is just a bracket. Your teeth will still feel the gentle forces delivered by the archwires just the same as with any bracket system. Damon brackets do not have any special agreement with your biology that allows them to treat crowding any better than any other bracket. If you have enough bone and gum support, and if your lip posture and jaw line will tolerate expanding the teeth forward and sideways, any bracket has the potential to align the teeth just like the Damon bracket. I just like that the Damon does it so more consistenly, without o-rings, with fewer visits, and no steel ties. I'm a Damon fan... but there is no magical bracket!

Greg Jorgensen, DMD, MS
Albuquerque Orthodontist

Narrow lower arch usually means narrow upper arch

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Narrow lower arch is in most cases due to a narrow upper arch, so the correct approach is to first evaluate the upper arch for expansion along with the lower arch.  This can be achieved through braces for mild to moderate crowding, but for severe crowding, usually some type of removable or fixed expander is necessary either prior to braces or along with braces.  Hope this helped answer your question.

Michael Firouzian, DDS
Columbus Dentist

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