Is 300 Cc Equivalent in Size to a Small Grapefruit?

I just read that 300 cc's is about the equivalent in size to a small grapefruit. Is this accurate?

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300 cc implants

If your not sure of what 300 cc volume is, you can do a baggy test with the volume you want and you can get an idea of what it looks like.

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The simple thing to do is ask your PS for a 300cc implant to feel and wear. Also most PS have external sizers you can try on to see the rough volume of each implant. Better still go to a PS who has 3D photography which will help you pick an implant that fits your body.

If you want to use a domestic appliance to measure, then get either 300mls or water or 300gms of rice and put it into a freezer bag. This should also give you a rough estimate of volume but certainly not shape and size.


I hope this helps and good luck.


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Is 300 Cc Equivalent in Size to a Small Grapefruit?

     That would be a very small grapefruit.  It can be helpful to think of volume by taking a pan of certain dimensions or surface area (cm x cm) and then filling the pan with fluid to obtain a height in cm to result in a volume of cubic cm, or cc, or ml.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA 

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What is 300 CC?

Hello and thanks for you post. I see you're trying to visualize a certain amount of volume. Grapefruits vary in size, but we all know that a 12 oz soda can is 355 cc of volume. Therefore, 300 cc is just a little smaller than a soda pop can. I hope this helps....

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