30% Glycolic Peel at Home Did Not Work. Why?

I performed a 4 week Glycolic Peel treatment at home and followed instructions given. At the end of the treatment I still saw no peeling nor flaking at all. It just seems like it made my face feel tight and gave me an appearance of more fine lines under my eyes. I also have milia by the crease of my under eye puffiness! So what gives? Was it the fact that it was a bad solution from Ebay? Please advise as to what I should do next because I have minor facial flaws I want to get rid of. Thanks.

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At home glycolic acid peel not working

There is an art to properly doing a chemical peel and many textbooks have been written about the subject! Doing a successful chemical peel also requires a fair amount of expertise. For example, peel depth is determined by several factors: the chemical chosen and its concentration; patient skin type and thickness; the body site to be peeled; skin preparation; application method; duration of skin contact with the acid; the season and climate. For all these reasons, I obviously do not recommend at-home chemical peels. To get the desired effect from a chemical peel I recommend you visit an experienced physician's office (not just a local spa) for your treatment.

South Burlington Dermatologic Surgeon
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Glycolic Treatment

With glycolic peels there is usually no peeling, there could be minimal flaking but probably nothing more.  Peels you do at home are going to be buffered and not as strong as what you would find in a physician's office.  The milia is caused from using cream that is too heavy for your skin.

Jeffrey W. Hall, MD
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At home peeling does not work because the person doing the peeling does not know what to do.

At home peeling does not work because the person doing the peeling does not know what to do. After 12 years of medical education, the dermatology residents I teach are qualified to perform proper chemical peeling (and they do not use at home kits). The companies selling these are assisting people in harming themselves. I have seen scars from this practice.

William P. Coleman III, MD
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