Would 30 cc be an extremely noticeable difference? (photo)

In September I got ba I started out with my left breast being larger then my right. So my doctor and I decided for 550cc for my right and 525 for my left. Right after surgery he told me he filled my left to 520. As of now my left is visibly smaller then my right. When I talked with my doctor he said that I could pay for another surgery and fill up my left more. I am just confused why it's so much smaller when it started out larger and it's on 30 cc different

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Asymmetry after surgery.

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There appears to be more than 30 cc of difference. Without seeing before photos it is hard to comment on the choice of implants. 

If indeed the size difference was small, I would have some concern about a fluid collection around the right implant causing the size discrepancy.  

If there is another procedure upcoming, I suspect a new implant of a larger size will be needed for symmetry. 

All the best. 

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This is a difficult question to answer without examining you.  If you're not happy with what your PS is telling you, you should get a second opinion from a BC PS in your area.


Breast implant asymmetry

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This is a tough one.  Breast asymmetry is very common before and after implant surgery and I always tell my patients that it will never be perfect.

I don't think just 30 cc will even you up enough.  You may either need to have the left overfilled some or even go with a larger implant.

I would work with your surgeon because he knows you and surely wants you to be satisfied with your outcome. 

A far as why your breasts have switched roles as the "big sister" - I have no explanation for that.

Would 30 cc be an extremely noticeable difference?

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To me appears as a 100 cc difference. But over the internet very hard to be exact. Seek second opinions in person..//

Correcting Breast Asymmetry

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Asymmetric breasts are usually corrected with implants of different sizes and sometimes, implants with differences in shape.  For most patients with noticeable asymmetry, 50 - 75 cc at a minimum is often required to give appropriate symmetry.  Doctors usually position patients in a sitting position during breast surgical procedures to test implant sizes and evaluate symmetry.  30cc is only one ounce, and is unlikely to correct really noticeable asymmetry.

Breast asymmetry after augmentation

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There appears to be a visible difference in your photos, and 30cc probably won't be much different. It would be nice to see your prep photos to really see what your native asymmetry is like. Usually about 100 cc is needed to add or subtract to even see a difference in size. There may be more going on here to account for the asymmetry than just 30 cc of saline. Good luck, keep working with your surgeon.

Assymetry and volume

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30 cc is a fairly small amount as far a as assymetry is concerned. Think 2 tablespoons.  If my patients want to change size of their implants I always tell them that they need to go up or down at least 80-100 cc to see a difference.  Exact symmetry is hard to achieve.  Try to work it out with your surgeon.  Maybe he can help you with the price of an adjustment. 

Breast Surgery

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If you think about 30cc is about an one tenth a can of soda spread out over a large surface area so the idea that it would be visible does not make much sense. I tell everyone who has obvious asymmetry that there is no way to make them perfect and that is never the goal. If you are unhappy you need to speak with you surgeon but perfect symmetry is impossible

Would 30 cc be an extremely noticeable difference with breast augmentation?

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I am sorry to hear about the concerns you have after breast augmentation surgery. No, the difference of 30 cc, given the size of your breasts implants, is barely ( if at all) clinically noticeable. It is possible that your breast asymmetry is related to asymmetry of your breast implants on your chest wall and that revisionary breast surgery  that involves adjustment of the breast implant capsules may help improve the asymmetry significantly. Based on the position of your nipple/areola complexes in relation to the breast implants ( asymmetric), you may find that adjustment of the breast implant capsules ( capsulotomy/capsulectomy) may be helpful to you.

 Assuming your plastic surgeon can demonstrate significant experience with revisionary breast surgery, you may wish to discuss these options as well.

 Best wishes.

Breast Asymmetry

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30 cc's won't cause a huge difference in breast size following an augmentation unless you started off with really small breasts prior to surgery.  If your left breast feels firm or you are experiencing pain, you may be developing capsular contracture in the left breast.  Or, if your implants are different profiles, that may also lead to different breast shapes.  Other causes include hematoma, seroma, implant rupture and malposition.

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