26 and Drooping Face PLEASE Help Me!!

I am a 26 year old mom of 3.. Up until my last pregnancy all was good with my skin except for slight bags i've had all of my life. Well, in the last 9 months i have lost all of my baby weight but.... now my face looks terrible, My upper and lower eyelids are sagging and my lower ones you can see veins through. I have like fat pockets on my lower cheeks by my mouth which have created new lines when i smile.. :( Also i have been doing facial exercises and using the Dermawand.. Do you believe these work? Or am I causing myself more damage?

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26 is young for plastic surgery

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26 is young to be considering plastic surgery. Young mothers often look older than their age because they are overworked and sleep deprived. So do young fathers, as I can attest by recent personal experience. I am amazed at the difference in appearance of mothers with 1 year-olds vs mothers with 3-year olds who sleep through the night!
Often, hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane, and light chemical peels or light fractionated laser can help greatly. I am not a Thermage / radiofrequency fan although we have offered them in our office. The results didn't seem to be worth it in my patients. The reviews are less than stellar for Thermage on RealSelf, so that might figure into the patient's decision as well.

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