22 year old with facial volume loss. Which option is best to fix my problem? (photo)

I know I am very young, and normally I wouldn't be bothered by the slight loss of volume in my face that happened due to weight loss but I recently started a job that requires me to be in front of the camera very often and the laugh lines and bags under my eyes are very noticeable. My cheeks are slightly fallen (see photo). I would like to know what procedure - whether it's fillers or ultherapy, or something else that would fix this to where the skin on my face will be tight again.

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Young with facial volume loss

At your age, facial volume loss as such is rare in the absence of significant illness.  More commonly, people have variations in their skeletal structure that causes the appearance of flattened cheeks or hollowness.  This cannot be addresses with facial tightening devices, but can be improved by facial shaping with various fillers such as Sculptra, Radiesse or Voluma.  In severe cases, facial implant surgery or other more radical restoration surgery may be required, but that is usually only in rare congenital malformations. 

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