200cc Removed - Is That a Good Amount?

I'm a male 5'9 170lbs in good shape(workout 5-6 per week). I decided to have lipo done on the abdomen and flanks a year ago. I had a traditioinal PAL lipo. After a few months we realized that one side of my abdomen had more fat left than the other so I opted to go back in after a year and have it resolved.  This time the doctor used UAL because he said the area was very very fiborous. I had the second lipo last thursday(7/28) under general again.  He said it was really tough in there but he got 200cc of fat removed.  Is that a a significant amount of fat for a touch up procedure? It does also seem more balanced this time around.  I didn't have as much oozing out of the incisions as I did the first time.

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Touch Up Liposuction

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For a man of your height and weight and having had prior liposuction, 200 cc of fat from mainly one side will make quite a difference. Of course it is too early to tell what the final outcome will be, but from my 10+ years of experience, your treatment sounds sufficient.

Continue to watch your weight. You didn't give your age, but in general, as we get older, we don't need to eat as much as our metabolism slows. Otherwise, you can see the remaining fat cells fill, and you could see fat accumulate in the form of a "pot belly."

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Don't get caught up in the cc's

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People have a tendency to get caught up in the volume of fat removed during liposuction. Different people benefit by the removal of differing amounts of fat. The removal off too much leaves "dents" that are hard to fix. 200 cc's is a relatively small amount, but as you see results, it obviously was good for you.


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200cc Removed - Is That a Good Amount?

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Sounds like you have a very caring surgeon. Since we see no posted photos very hard to advise but 200 cc's sound a good amount for a touch/up. 

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