Skin Damage After Smart Lipo and PAL

i am a 30 yo male who had a "high definition" procedure on my abdomen, flank, and back 2 weeks ago. i have both the smartlipo and power-assisted lipo. i have noticed that the skin in areas over my flank and lower groin have blanching red patches as well as some speckled pigmented patches. basically, my skin appears different. i was in very good shape with abs prior to this but wanted more definition and the removal of my flanks which have always been difficult to get rid of through boxing/exericse and diet. does anyone know if these are burns or damage to the dermal blood vessles that may be showing up as a strange pigmentation on my skin. i am worried that this could be permanent and I may have just ruined my life. ill attach some pictures. the surgeon says that its from the laser energy and will take a few weeks and go away and i should wait at least 6 weeks before i can tell anything. im just curious.

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Skin Damage After Smart Lipo and PAL

ONLY 2 weeks. You are still in a very early postop phase of healing. These areas will clear over the next few weeks. Where you not given a pre operative informed consent? 

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Redness after liposuction

Blood flow is a natural part of healing, and bruising is expected too after liposuction.  If there were a problem such as infection, normally there is pain (without touching the area) and the redness increases. If this occurs see your doctor immediately. There is a very small risk of burns with Smart Lipo when experienced surgeons use this technique so see your surgeon for an evaluation so you can be reassured. It will probably resolve well on its own if a few weeks, but there is a small risk of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

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This is not typical but it can happen

I have done hundreds of SmartLipo-PAL combination procedures and a few patients can have what you describe as blanching with some splotchy red areas in your skin. The great news is that I have never seen an adverse  outcome when that happens and it always resolves within 3 to 4 weeks. Just be sure that the red splotches are  not accompanied by fever and significant pain in the area that might be more suggestive of infection. I am sure it will be fine.

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Skin Damage After Smart Lipo and PAL

Fortunately, skin damage after these two liposuction procedures are relatively uncommon, but there is always a potential for skin dammage if the procedure is not performed properly. Proper patient selection is of utmost importance for any surgical procedure. Avoiding too much lasering of the subcutaneous fat layer as well as avoiding too much superficial liposuction will also decrease the chance of skin necrosis after liposuction.

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Liposuction results 2 weeks after surgery are variable

You have the appearance of a patient that had liposuction 2 weeks ago- as the tissue swelling and bruising resolves, your surgical result will become more apparent. This can take several weeks.

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2 weeks post op Smart lipo and PAL

The photos that you have posted are limited; however it appears to be a normal 2 week appearance. Surgery is trauma and your body must respond to the trauma and heal. This does not occur in two weeks. You should expect  6 weeks  to 3 months of swelling and stiffness. Most bruising resolves in 2-4 weeks, but rare types of discoloration take longer to resolve. If your surgeon is experienced in liposuction, he should be able to guide you throughout the healing process.

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