Can 17 Year Olds Get Breast Augmentation?

Well, I have nothing at all. I don't know if I need more tissue to get a surgery. I'm 5'2" and weigh 112 lbs.

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Breast augmentation in 17 year old has restrictions

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Based on FDA guidelines, the use of saline implants for patients under 18 and silicone implants for patients younger than 22 is not permitted for breast augmentation. Exceptions to this may be for individuals with congenital breast abnormalities (Polands syndrome or Tuberous breasts). The reasons for the FDA's recommendations are based on an individuals maturity both emotionally and physically.

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Breast implants and age

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The FDA has advised that breast implants be limited to use in indiviiduals age 18 years and over. This is not strit in the sense that implants can be used prior to this for congenital deforrmities such as Poland Syndrome.

In clinical practice, we traditionally prefer to wait unitl the breast has achieved a stable size which is at the completion of puberty.

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Breast Augmentation on a 17-year-old depends on maturity

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It really depends on the 17 year old. I see mature 17 year olds who are excellent candidates for surgery all the time. By agreement with the FDA, plastic surgeons are not to put silicone gel implants in 17 year olds but, I suspect over time that restriction may be withdrawn.

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Can 17 Year Olds Get Breast Augmentation?

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In regards to timing of the operation, this will vary from one patient to another and is a decision that should be individualized. If you have reached your physical “maturity”, proceeding with surgery should not be a problem. Parenteral or guardian consent will be necessary for patients under the age of 18.
 At some point, seek consultation with board certified plastic surgeons who can demonstrate significant experience helping patients in your situation. Ask to see lots of examples of their work and communicate your goals clearly.  In my practice, I find the use of goal pictures helpful during this communication process.
 I hope this, and the attached link, helps.

Breast implant at 17?

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You need to be 18 for saline and 22 for silicone. The regulations are in place to protect patients from making rash decisions that they may regret in the future.

Asymmetry or other deformity required

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Most plastic surgeons will not perform breast augmentation on patients under 18 unless they are born with asymmetric breasts, tuberous breasts, or other deformity.

Breast augmentation requires a mature patient to achieve informed consent at any age.

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Your request is not uncommon. However, you should know that in Canada the use of saline filled implants for primary breast augmentation is only approved for women over the age of 18 years. Cohesive silicone gel breast implants are approved for those over the age of 22 years. These are the guidelines in place and any surgeon who chooses to do otherwise is using breast implants in an "off label manner". This designation is a decision that can only be made after a thorough consultation and after the surgeon and the patient agree to using a medical device (in this case a breast implant) in an off label manner. At age 17 it is unlikely that you will see a large change in your bust size as you complete your maturity. Getting implants is a very important decision to make and requires you to show an understanding of the risks of this surgery. Having a parent involved and a referral from your family physician may  help but waiting a few more years and continuing to keep knowledgeable about your options is the best choice.

Dr. Mosher

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Breast Implants in 17 year old

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The general answer is yes but it is really individualized. You need to be evaluated by a plastic surgeon who can discuss your specific situation. This is not a procedure to be taken lightly and the surgeon will need to assess your condition, maturity and motivation.

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Breast augmentation at 17 can be possible

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When considering breast augmentation for a patient as young as 17, emotional maturity and realistic expectations are very important. We perform cosmetic rhinoplasty at age 16 frequently however breast development can go on until age 22 and the breast does indeed change throughout ones life. It is perfectly reasonable to complete breast augmentation at age 17 if development is lacking, or the breast is very asymmetrically developed. It will require a careful consultation and parental support, but don't be discouraged.

Best of luck.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
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Breast Augmentation in a teen

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Breast Augmentation is usually not recommended for girls in their teens. However, if you have, for some time, had what appears to be complete sexual development (genitals, hair, fat distribution, etc.) but have had essentially no breast development, augmentation could be considered. The deciding factors will be psychological. Both you and your parents will need to consider all the factors, including risks, possible complications and long term effects. This will take lengthy discussion with a Plastic Surgeon, preferably one who has had experience dealing with teens about this and other matters.

Robert T. Buchanan, MD
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