Is TUBA Breast Augmentation with Breast Lift Safe?

I came across a surgeon website who practices in NY city that states that the doc is an expert in Transumbilical Breast Augmentation (TUBA) procedure. I have read that there will be no visible scar in TUBA but is this procedure safe and do you recommend this procedure? If I also need a Breast lift, which will leave a scar and will be less painful as Breast implant will be thru' navel and lift will be over the muscle?

So, does it make sense to have a lift with combo of TUBA for implant? Thanks for your great responses so far!

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Transumbilical Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift

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Some thoughts regarding your question.

I learned the TUBA procedure from its inventor, Dr. G. Johnson, but like many other Plastic surgeons, I do not use it. Although the surgeon you are referring to, a friend of mine, loves the procedures and performs it frequently.

The advantages and disadvantages of TUBA aside, as Plastic surgeons we should minimize scarring and maximize what we do with each scar. If you THINK you need a Breast Lift, you probably DO need one.

A Breast lift is a separate procedure that must be performed on the breast itself and cannot be done through the belly button or arm pit. For this reason alone, it makes NO sense to place your implants through the belly button and then put scars on the breasts for a lifting procedure. The whole Augmentation / Mastopexy (Lift) can be dome more accurately through the SAME breast incisions.

To understand everything you need to know about Augmentation Lift procedures, follow the comprehensive link below -

Dr. P. Aldea

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Can I have my Breast Implants Placed through my Belly Button and have a breast lift?

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Hi there-

As doing a breast lift on you will requires placing scars on them, and as your implants could be placed more carefully, accurately, and with less risk through these scars than through your belly button, I cannot think of a single advantage to you of having the implants placed through your belly button. Can it be done? Probably. Is it in your best interests? Absolutely not.

TUBA and Breast Lift

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 If you are going to have a breast lift, then there is absolutely no reason to have a TUBA breast augmentation.  Your implants can be placed through the same incisions as your breast lift.  Good luck.

TUBA Breast Augmentation with Breast Lift doesn't make sense

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Easy answer...NO! Why combine these to operations - TUBA + Lifting? Makes no surgical sense! Please be careful who you let operate on you.

TUBA for Breast Augmentation but not Lift

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The inventor of the TUBA procedure (Dr G. Johnson, now retired) is here in Houston. My personal experience with the technique is exactly what the other doctors have have much less control over precise implant placement . I no longer offer the procedure for that reason.

Still, I have seen numerous results from Dr. Johnson over the years, and most are really good. There is some signifigant deformity of the belly button that can result, especially in women who are very thin or who have been pregnant and have tummy skin laxity.

If you are having a lift, you will have some scar on the breast that an implant can be placed going through the belly button would not offer much benefit.

TUBA breast augmentation vs. traditional approaches

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TUBAs (transumbilical breast augmentation) has a couple of major downsides, including more difficulty in controlling bleeding, more difficulty in controlling the shape of the breast, and inability to use silicone implants. In addition, if you require a lift anyway, your surgeon can easily use those incisions to place the implant-- this is the safest and most proven approach.

Also keep in mind that all breast implants may require revision surgery at some point later in your life, even many years later, and if this happens, your surgeon will have to place an incision on the breast anyway (the revision can't be done through the belly button) which makes the TUBA a less attractive option for most surgeons and most patients.

Good luck!

Silly combination: TUBA and breast lift

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We all have our own opinions, and mine is that TUBA is a marketing gimmick. The selling point is that it allows for breast augmentation with only one scar, and that scar will be hidden. The down side is that the surgeon does not have as much control over the results of surgery due to the remote access and technical limitations which that entails. All of the breast lift operations require a scar on the breast, and these incisions can be used to place the implants with much more finesse. If you are doing a lift, there is no reason to disturb your belly button or the skin along your abdominal wall - just have the implants placed via the lift incision.


TUBA with breast lift does not make sense

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If you need a breast lift - or need a large implant, then a TUBA is the wrong procedure. I have been practicing plastic surgery for over 30 years and I was taught that you get the best result operating on the site that has the problem -- i.e. - if you don't like the way your breasts look operate on them not your navel.

TUBA with breast lift makes no sense

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 If you need a lift, there will be scars on the breast which can be used to place the implants.  The pockets will be more accurate and bleeding is more easily controlled than in a TUBAS.  Plus, gels are far more popular implants and they can't be done via a TUBA.

TUBA with Breast Lift

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Although I am not a fan of TUBA in general, I agree that it makes absolutely no sense in your situation. The scars from augmentations are usually not a problem. The lack of a scar is the only advantage of a TUBA. If you are having a concurrent breast lift, there is no way to accomplish this without a scar--the incision from that scar can be used for placement of the implant.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

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