I Am 16, 5'2", Weigh 110 Pounds, and Have 32DDD. Am I a Good Candidate for a Breast Reduction. And What Size Should I Move Down?

I have severe back, shoulder, and neck pain, doctors have recommended I get a breast reduction saying that would help. My large breast cause me pain and restrict me. My body is also in proportional. I have blue cross blue shield for insurance. Any information would help, thank you!

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Candidate for a breast reduction

Based on your description you would seem to be a good candidate for a breast reduction.  Insurance coverage is another matter altogether.   The next step is to be examined by a plastic surgeon and he will send in a letter for prior approval base on your size, weight, symptoms and estimate of the amount of breast tissue to be removed.   

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Breast Reduction Candidate

Based on the information provided, it sounds as though you would greatly benefit from a breast reduction.  Have your physician write a letter to your insurance company detailing your physical complaints along with your height, weight and bra size and any conservative treatment you have tried thus far to see if you are eligible for insurance benefits.   Your board certified plastic surgeon will provide a physical examination to determine how much tissue will be removed from each breast.  Good luck!

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Candidate for breast reduction?

It sounds like you may be an ideal candidate for breast reduction as you have a number of the symptoms that make it medically necessary and therefore it should be covered by your insurance. Determining what size you should be is difficult to say without photos or an in person exam. You should schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon who can help you decide whether breast reduction surgery is right for you and whether your insurance policy will cover it. I tell my patients that I cannot guarantee a size afterwards but we can usually guestimate a range that will be possible. Good luck to you.

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