1% Retinol Has Caused More Age Spots to Appear?

I just started slowly using a 1% retinol from skinceuticals (twice a week), using sunscreen and it is winter with hardly any sunshine. I noticed today after two weeks of usage that I have new small age spots appearing. Is this normal? I am scared to proceed as I fear that it will bring out more age spots. Can somebody give me advice on what I can do and whether or not this is normal? Thanks!

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Retinol made more age spots appear

I doubt that this is actually true. You just may be more aware of your face now and are noticing new spots as they appear. If you are using a retinol without a sunscreen it may be possible. In addition, if the retinol irriates your skin and you are getting red spots they can then turn brown-this is call post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

New York Dermatologic Surgeon

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