Obagi or Skinceuticals?

I'm 36 and trying to find a good skincare regimen. I notice both lines are popular in the dermatoligist and Plastic Surgeon's offices. I'm olive skin toned, normal to dry, some hyperpigmentation (freckles). I just want to look as beautiful without makeup as I do with. And I don't want to age! :-).

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Treating Hyperpigmentation

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Treating hyperpigmentation can be a tough problem. you need to realize it will take several months to get improvement of your problem. I personally like A-Cute Derm's Rejuvenating lotion 10. It is a gentle glycolic lotion . You only need a gentle soapless cleanser and a sunscreen and that is your complete program. It is also a smart lotion and you can treat the entire face and not just the dark spots. It does not have hydroquinone in it. Sometimes darker skinned patients turn darker with this ingredient. This lotion will freshen your skin and rejuvenate your entire face without irritation.

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