I can feel my implant in one boob but not the other...under the muscle, advice?

So I'm almost a month post op and I got under the muscle saline. My right boob my dominate side is great and I can't feel the implant when I poke around or massage ..my left boob near my upper cleavage area I can feel the shell of the implant directly under the skin!! That side feels sooo weird too just different ...I know at the bottom the implants aren't covered by muscle but this is up top near my cleavage what's wrong ):

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Palpable implant

Hard to say why you feel the implant in the upper cleavage area, it may be that you do no have a lot of soft tissue coverage. Best of luck.

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I can feel my implant in one boob but not the other...under the muscle, advice?

Thank you for your question.  I'm sorry that you are concerned about your breast implants.  Since implants were placed under the muscle usually the better coverage prevents feeling the implant in the upper pole.  Saline implants are more likely to be palpable then silicon gel implants.  I suggested you see your plastic surgeon for an examination.  Since you are early in recovery I would expect the implants to drop and if they do the palpability may be less obvious.

Post operative differences

It is difficult to answer your question without examining you or comparing your breasts before surgery.  The breast tissue in the side you feel the implant may have been thinner.   Follow up with your surgeon to discuss your concerns and discuss how the breasts appearance was before surgery and follow your progress.

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