Is Zoom whitening necessary for my sensitive already a1 shade teeth?

My 4 veneers on my front teeth need to be replaced. The dentist wants me toget Zoom whitening before. Im an A1 shade Ive used whitening systems in the past, prof trays to strips and whitening toothpastes,every method my teeth become very sensitive even if i leave it on for half the time.I assume Zoom would be even worse . He said if if I use 600mg ibprof i would be fine.Some of my staining is intrinsic from antibiotic use as a child but its not bad. What do you guys think is it even worth it.?

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Zoom with veneers?

Your dentist recommended Zoom because the new veneer need a shade/color. If you are happy with your current shade on the natural teeth, then tell him or her that. If you feel you want to lighten your natural teeth and match those with new veneers, then do the whitening/zoom. The veneers will not change color but your natural teeth will only get darker...bleach trays for 'touch-ups' are also useful when you have veneers, next to natural teeth. A1 is light but B1 is the lightest shade...probably too white. Have an in-depth conversation with the dentist about this. I would recommend doing the bleaching before the veneers but if you do not see yourself maintaining it with trays at home and you are happy with your current shade, then skip it.

Culver City Dentist

Bleaching sensitivity

If you are comfortable with the A1 shade I would forgo the bleaching and match the new veneers to the A1 shade

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