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Thin Cornea Using FML Eye Drops?

I recently did a PRK due to my cornea is thin my doctor prescribed me to use FML eye drops. Which I read it can thin out the cornea and can also cause... READ MORE

Will I have to use eyedrops forever due to dry eyes after PRK surgery?

I had a PRK surgery 15 months ago. I still use eye drops (Hyabuak) because I feel my eyes dry.I would like to know if I will use eye drops for all of... READ MORE

I have had 4 cornea abrasions since my PRK surgery a year and a half ago. PLEASE HELP !

Since then, I have had a total of 4 cornea abrasions between both eyes. Every night before bed, I put Muro128 ointment on my water-line so my eyes... READ MORE

Is it necessary to continue eye drops after PRK?

My eyes are not dry and i have no allergic eyes. After 1 month when I stopped using my drops i felt much better and my blurry vision problem had... READ MORE

My PRK 12/11/14 exactly 49 days ago, but my vision is not clear, since last 7 days the eye sight is getting more deteriorating.

I am able to use laptop,mobiles i am able to drive but by no mean by vision is 100%. I am unable to reconise the person if he is more then 4 to 5... READ MORE

What should I use for eye pain? It's been a year since I've had PRK.

A year ago I had PRK and I still occasionally use eye drops but in the last few weeks I have been waking up in the middle of the night with... READ MORE

Wife was given post LASIK eye drops and medication for two weeks after PRK was done before they discovered their mistake.

After two months they sent her to see a specialist. Do you think it's possible that her eye didn't heal because her post op care was messed up? Who... READ MORE

Post-op PRK - Steroid Drop Regimen?

First month after PRK I was using FML steroid drops 4 times per day. I am now into my second month, so I'm down to 3 times per day. Question is: can I... READ MORE

When I put eye drops in my eyes I see very very well. Especially in the left eye. What can I make of this?

I recently had prk and crosslinking. Pre surgery uncorrected od was 20/125 os 20/50. Post surgery uncorrected od 20/50 and os 20/150. So my eyes... READ MORE

Overcorrection, large glare after wavefront-guided prk, is there any hope to fix it, many thanks? large puipls, high astigmatism

From Taiwan,21.OS750 350 OD575 325.After wavefront prk on October 4th, 2014,I developed severe glare & double vision.A pair of 250hyperopia glasses... READ MORE

Anything more I can do besides lubricant drops? Are they aiding my vision or temporarily correcting a problem?

I am 2 weeks removed from PRK...my vision is great for a moment or two after putting in the lubricant eye drops then fades away again to blurry... READ MORE

Blurriness of my vision after PRK and sensitivity of right eye low compared to left eye while putting the eye drops.

I gone through the PRK surgery for both eyes before 20 days.My left eye has clear vision and right eye low vision and blurry. and sensitivity of right... READ MORE

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