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Is it possible to increase the thickness of a cornea?

Hie..i am 21 now and wanted to go for lasik operation but my corneal thickness is 470 and i am a patient of myopia with -8(both eyes) and doctor told... READ MORE

4 months post op PRK, I am having dry eyes still. Is this dryness will go away? Or this is permanent?

I am 19 years old.I had Prk surgery 4 month ago.before surgery my eyes were -10D each eye.I never had dry eyes before prk surgery.Now 4 month passed... READ MORE

Am I Eligible for Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK)?

I am 21, have a prescription of -10 (Right) and -8 (Left) and corneal thickness of 485 for one eye and 500 for other, I went to one clinic and they... READ MORE

Am I Eligible for PRK?

I am 23, have a prescription of -6.5 (Right) and -7 (Left) and corneal thickness of 495 for each. Now my question is am I eligible for PRK ? Or only... READ MORE

I Am 23 and Have a Prescription of -6.75 and 7.25 and Central Cornea Thickness of 495 in Both Eyes?

I am 23 and have a prescription of -6.75 and -7.25 and central cornea thickness of 495 in both eyes which is thin for LASIK.Whether i should go for... READ MORE

2 months, still vision blurred. Is this normal?

I am 24 yrs old girl. Its been 2 months since I have done PRK, and my vision is still not crisp, especially indoors. It seems to be better outdoors.... READ MORE

Am I a PRK candidate with corneal thickness 472 OS and 481 OD? Do I run the risk of developing ectasia?

Hello there, I am 23 and am looking to undergo refractive surgery. I was recently told by one surgeon that I am a candidate for PRK. I have a thinner... READ MORE

Which One is Better for Me LASIK or PRK or ICL?

I am 24 years old have a prescription of -6.0 (right) and -6.5 (left) and a central corneal thickness of 490 and 486 The surgeon recommended that ICL... READ MORE

PRK, ASA, SMILE or ICL? I'm totally confused

I have 541 corneal thickness, -7.5 in both eyes and am 23 years old.I EVEN have dry eyes and astigmatism a bit.. which would be the best option for... READ MORE

I want to go to become a SEAL. I'm 18 and my eyes haven't changed in a year and my contacts presc. is -5.75. PRK possible?

I want to go to BUD/s to become a Navy SEAL and need LASIK or PRK. My eyes have been stable for a year. My prescription with contacts is -5.75 and -5... READ MORE

Is there any other procedure to get free of spectacles?

Am 24,since 11yrs am using spects. my right eye -7.00 and left eye -5.75 ,Recently i went for lasik surgery but after doing tests doctor advised me... READ MORE

PRK for stable keratoconus? (photos)

I am 19 year old with -1.75 and -1.25 myopia. I never wore glasses in my life and recently it is very difficult for me in the classrooms and at night.... READ MORE

cornea thickness ......! Too thin?

Am just 24yrs old,my cornea thickness is 476 & 469 my eye sight -5.75 & -7.00 doctor said laser treatment is not possible ..! is there any other... READ MORE

I'm having -6.00D (left), -4.50D( right) and corneal thickness 500. Which method is best for me?

Prk, lasik, BLADLESS WAVE LIGHT LASIK, ReLeX SMILE? M i going to have any problem like Halos, Blurry sight, inaccurate vision in my short and long... READ MORE

What Are Possible Risks with PRK?

I am 23, have a prescription of -6.5 (Right) and -7 (Left) and corneal thickness of 495 for each. Now my question is am I eligible for PRK ? Or only... READ MORE

I am one week post-op and I have a bad migraine and blurry vision is that normal?

I'm 23,I was Nearsighted and I just had TransPRK. My vision was getting better but a few days ago it got worse plus I'm having a very bad migraine and... READ MORE

What kind of surgery should I go for prk/LASIK/smile or icl? (photo)

I am 24 years old.wearing spectacles for past 10 years .Using glasses with power Right -4.75/-1.5 Cylinder at 8 degree 6/6 Right -4.75/1.5 cylinder at... READ MORE

Am I eligible to undergo PRK or Epi-Lasik if I am a candidate for contoura femto LASIK? (Photo)

I am 20 years old and I am intending to do a Laser eye surgery. My problem is that I am not very comfortable with the idea of cutting a flap and its... READ MORE

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