'Plastic Wives' Recap: Four Things We Learned from TLC's 'Plastic Wives'

Nicole Karlis on 27 Jan 2013 at 9:00am

Where would reality TV be without provocative wives?

First, there were the blonde bombshells who ruled Orange County. Later came New York City’s Upper East Siders. Then came the pasta-eating wives of Jersey, and eventually it looped back around to beautiful wives of Beverly Hills. And now, TLC has the wives of LA plastic surgeons. 

Veronica Matlock, Dayna Devon, Alana Sands and Frances Marque are the wives of four very successful doctors in Beverly Hills -- and their world is more spectacular than we ever could have imagined. From keeping a labia in a jar to g-shot injections, this TLC special even caught us by surprise. Here, are four things we learned from the Plastic Wives.


#1 If your husband is a plastic surgeon, getting work done is a marital right. 

The show kicks off with the four women discussing everything they’ve had done which has, by no surprise, been performed by their husbands. Dayna, wife of Dr. Brent Moelleken, says she’s had everything from a breast augmentation to a tummy tuck. It’s the same story with Veronica and Frances. However, Alana says she’s had nothing done because her husband, Dr. Kevin Sands, won’t let her. While they aren’t charged money for their procedures, Dayna does reveal they pay for it "other ways.” 


#2 Labiaplasty isn’t just a popular topic on RealSelf -- it's popular with the Plastic Wives, too.

 If you thought you were the only one who is unhappy with your ladyparts, think again. Most of these wives have had something done "down there" and they definitely weren’t afraid to show it on national TV. Especially Frances, Dr. Ryan Stanton's ex-wife, who casually interrupted the dinner party to show off her floating ladypart in a jar. Labia, anybody? 


#3 Want to enhance your sex life? There’s a shot for that.

Lucky for Veronica, her "vagina doctor" husband spoils her rotten -- and not just with occasional nip and tuck or Brazilian Butt Lift. For an anniversary gift, Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon Dr. David Matlock reveals he’s going to give his wife a g-spot shot. With the promise of heightened orgasms, Veronica and Alana make way to his office where he injects her down there with a needle. A few minutes later, she’s on her way out.

#4 Some people get Botox at parties.

These ladies definitely know what they need to spice up a dinner party -- Botox. Frances hosts a themed “Queen of Love” soiree where there’s glitter, costumes, and a doctor’s chair for guests to get a little injection. Frances and Veronica are the first to sit in Dr. Stanton’s chair -- Veronica even gets it injected into her armpit to reduce sweating.


What did you think? Did you watch Plastic Wives on TLC? Did you like it or did you find it totally outrageous? Share your thoughts about the TLC special in the comments section below.