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PicoWay uses dual wavelength lasers to remove tattoos and pigmented spots from the skin. It’s effective on a wide variety of tattoo types and colors (including designs that might not have responded to previous removal methods), and the settings can be customized to work on any skin tone. Compared to other picosecond lasers, PicoWay uses 40% shorter pulses, meaning it can break up the pigment into smaller particles, making it easier for the body to clear these particles away providing a more efficient treatment.

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PicoWay Colored Tattoo Removal

I got my tattoo about two years ago, after I went through some personal issues. I thought I should have something to symbolize the fact that I got over things, that would work as a reminder of what I was capable of and to not fall again. The result: a tattoo I didn’t like at all, since day o... READ MORE

Invisible Inc., Glen Allen, VA Picoway Half Leg Tattoo Removal

I went to have my 20 year old 3x6 inch tattoo from teenage days covered up as my taste has changed a bit over the past 20 years. Instead of the water color peacock feather I asked for I received an insanely jacked up tattoo. I researched different laser clinics and decided to go with Invisible... READ MORE

Picoway Laser Tattoo Removal

Hi everyone! So... i just got this tattoo 2 months ago and i already want to get rid of it. It's not that I dont like the design but i just dont like having it on my skin. It's too big and too dark for me. Anyway I'm practically sure to remove it with the picoway laser. My first treatment will... READ MORE

Picoway Tattoo Removal-----HairFree Laser Center - Encino, CA

So I decided to get my tattoos removed once the new Picoway laser came out. I had debated for some time whether to use the Picosure or Picoway, but chose the latter due to the wavelength (1064nm) which is said to penetrate into the skin the deepest. The picosecond technology shows such... READ MORE

Regretting Cover-up Tattoo. Treatment with Picoway laser - Oslo, Norway

Some years ago I got a tattoo on my lower leg in memory of my grandfather after his death (a knife blade - he was a knife smith and he also taught me to make knives.) but it did not turn out very well. Since then I`ve tried to fix it many times (including getting another tattoo of a knife blade... READ MORE

4 Week Old Tattoo Gone Wrong! - London, GB

So today I went for a consultation to have laser treatment on a 4 week old tattoo on my inner arm. It's the black outline of a robin with the robin's breast cross-hatched in red...it was supposed to be a cute, little and REALISTIC sketch but turned into something quite cartoony and I hate it! I... READ MORE

21 year old with 2 tattoos on each arm to remove!

Well here i am trying to remove these tattoos which i hate soo much i have no idea why i got them i was only 16 but oh well ive been living like this for the past 5 years just wearing long sleeves even in the hot summer its been soo hard some days im just soo depressed when people ask me why im... READ MORE

Question - Alabama

Hi, I recently got my white tattoo redone in black. It's located on my wrist. I'm very much regretting it. I've made an appointment for a consultation with an office that uses a PicoWay laser to remove tattoos. It's black and very small (1.5" x .25"). I know that every experience and tattoo... READ MORE

Bunch of Tatts from Teen Years to Remove - Cincinnati, OH

Hello all, I've been playing with the idea of removing all noticeable tattoos for about ten years. I actually hate them, I got all of them from the ages of 16/18 so naturally their not of the best choices anyway. I have also lost opportunity throughout my life because of them. So now at the... READ MORE

After 1 Treatment- Tattoo Removal Laser (Pico Way) with Dr. Susan Fox - Hollywood, FL

I had a pleasant experience at Dr. Fox's office. The staffs were nice and Dr. Fox is knowledgeable and experienced. I got the tattoo removal treatment with Pico Way, and I am very satisfied with the result. I had gotten several laser treatments on these tattoos before, but this 1 treatment... READ MORE

Well I Just Got the Tattoo and I'm Getting It Taken Off. Short Pump, VA

Alright so those who may have seen any other posts on my page, I didn't realize that it would be easier to update a review as the normal comment. Therefore I'll be posting on this. The reason I'm getting my tattoo removed is because when I got my original tattoo done, the first guy messed up my... READ MORE

34 and Ready to Clean Up my Canvas! - Phoenix, AZ

Hello! I'm officially one day before my first of many Picoway laser treatments. I have two tattoos that I am having removed - one 5 x6 on my forearm and one teeny little cross on my lower back. I'm starting to get a little nervous and have second thoughts about moving forward with the... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal Treatment with Picoway, Color-tattoo, Oslo

I have been to a consultation and have gotten one test treatment on my tattoo. The tattoo has several colours (red, yellow, green, blue, black), and the nurse mentioned it could be tricky as the colours seemed to go quite deep in the skin. She tested the laser on different patches including all... READ MORE

Spur of the Moment Tattoo That I Hate - Birmingham, AL

Had this tattoo done and I'm not against tattoos as I have others that I love but this one did not turn out like I like. I haven paid for laser removal and already had 4 sessions. There is minimal results so far and it's discouraging. They said it would take 8 sessions but I'm already on session... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal W Picoway - Houston, TX

I've had this tattoo since I was 19. I went from loving it to really hating it over the last 2 years or so. I'm ready to get this thing off. I have had two sessions so far. It's definitely painful although it is a very quick process: about 5 minutes of on and off pain as the laser is engaged.... READ MORE

its hurts !!!! - London, GB

I had my first session of tattoo removal with PICO-WAY at London PULSE LIGHT CLINIC. I've got tattoo on my arm (10 years old) its a cover up, i had 3 different tattoos on the top of each other! bit red and yellow, rest black. I've only decided to go for it is because they offered payment plan,... READ MORE

Removal with Picoway - Mexico

Ive had this tattoo for more than 10 years. I'm married and thou my husband hates it he has been very supportive. Almost as soon as I got it I wanted it removed, and some of the black ink has faded but left some scar, but the blue and green ink remains. I almost got a cover up but I would have... READ MORE

3 Colorful Tattoos Progress Using Alex Triadavantage and Picoway Laser

I'm writing this to encourage those out there wondering if the cost and pain of tattoo removal is worth it...YES it is! I started removing mine in November 2011 and get treatments as I can afford them. My doctor says its not how fast I'm able to do treatments, its the fact that I'm still working... READ MORE

Permanent brows laser off with PicoWay VANCOUVER, BC

I've been through hell in the last year, I basically have lived my life day by day with no sign of life. It's a complete 360 from the person I am. After my botch job in Mar 2015 I've just made bad choices over bad choices to correct the FIRST worse choice ever that's out me into this roller... READ MORE

49 Year Old Woman Looking Like 55 Year Old Wrinkled Face Especially Around the Mouth & Eyes - Bala Cynwyd, PA

Only 2 weeks after my PicoWay laser I seen amazing results...I can't wait for my next treatment. Dr. Mezrow is awesome and focuses on your needs, not on sales. He follows up with a phone call after your treatment. I had the CO2 laser done a few years ago and did not see results. PicoWay has... READ MORE

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