65-74 year old woman treated with Upper Body Lift/ Bra Line Back Lift

*Treatment results may vary

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A woman in her later 60’s who is bothered by laxity of skin of her upper back and flanks. She has had abdominoplasty, breast reduction and liposuction of the back 20 years before by another plastic surgeon .She is 5’4” and166 lbs and is shown before and again 18 months after her surgery. Markings are performed to ensure that the scar will be hidden under the bra. This upper body lift is also called a “bra line back lift”. The only way to reliably tighten loose skin is to take a piece out- in this case we are trading a scar that is hidden under the bra line for a better contour of the back. She s thrilled to now be able to wear fitted dresses and clothing without the looseness and rolls in the upper back and flanks.