1 month old child treated with EarWell Appliance.

*Treatment results may vary

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This newborn came to me with bilateral congenital ear deformities. He underwent a 5 week treatment with EarWell Infant ear molding system and one week with taping. Mother was extremely pleased with the results and deferred the second round of taping. He started with a right ear with moderate helical lidding and a prominent antihelical fold. The left was much worse lidding and a significantly constricted ear(smaller than normal) and a deep notch. The “constricted ear” can be seen as the upper ear is much smaller than the lower ear. This notch was a malformation due to lack of cartilage, so was not treatable with molding. Significant improvements can be seen in both ears, giving him ears well within the normal range that will not draw attention to him throughout his life. *The top photo below shows the left ear before and after treatment, and the bottom photo shows the right ear before and after treatment.