45-54 year old woman treated with Botox who does not like her forehead lines above the brows at rest

*Treatment results may vary

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Botox works great to weaken overactive muscles. When we treat the horizontal lines on the forehead, ony the middle forehead is treated to prevent “dropping” of the eyebrows. But this leaves the muscle activity above the brows that some patients still find objectionable. As these lines become more prominent and are seen even without actively elevating the brows, many men and women choose to be treated surgically with a brow lift. But not everyone wants surgery. So we can attempt to fill these lines to improve their appearance. As a general rule, lines at rest are more successfully treated with fillers than “dynamic” lines or lines that move. This woman in her mid 50’s is shown in the first photo after botox and in the second photo, 2 weeks after “Restylane Silk” to the forehead lines.