45-54 year old woman treated with Breast Fat Transfer

*Treatment results may vary

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This very athletic 47 year old woman presented after having previous breast augmentation from another surgeon years earlier (top left photo). Saline implants had been placed under the muscle and contour irregularities, rippling and a muscle "animation" deformity was very disturbing to her. Even though she was resigned to the wide gap and lack of cleavage between her breasts, she requested correction. The initial surgery involved exchanging the implants from the original 350cc anatomical saline

 devices to 350cc smooth, round silicone gels along with fat transfer to fill in the gaps and soften the visible contour irregularities (bottom photo). This significantly improved her results and self confidence but she still was frustrated with the animation deformity when her muscles contracted. Four years later, she wanted even more improvement and returned to Dr. Kayser to proceed with another procedure that involved completely changing the location of her implants from under the muscle to above the muscle along with the placement of a new textured, anatomical silicone gel implant (top right photo). Because implant visibility would be greater above the muscle, additional fat grafts were placed to further insulate and thicken the skin envelope in addition to adding more volume to her cup size. Mentor moderate height 440 gm devices were used. She is now seen at 3 months after her second procedure. Her own body fat was harvested in a way that maximizes its survival which is then placed within the tissue surrounding the breast, after which, fat is allowed to acquire a new blood supply which then allows it to survive - when this occurs, the fat then has the potential to last a lifetime. At one year, the breasts are soft, supple and totally natural without any lumps or bumps. As you observe the photo, note the changes in size, shape and contours, especially as she contracts her muscles when her arms are pressing in. A more youthful and shapely breast has been achieved.