18-24 year old woman treated with Rhinoplasty & Sinus Surgery for a Deviated Septum

*Treatment results may vary

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The patient felt her nose was too large and prominent, relative to her other facial features. She was self conscious with the large bump, and the wide and droopy tip which worsened when she smiled. She also could not breathe through her nose because of a deviated nasal septum and she suffered from chronic sinusitis. This is a 24 year-old female who was very self conscious about her large nose, prominent bump, and wide droopy tip. The nose seemed out of proportion and not balanced with her otherwise delicate facial features. Additionally, she suffered from nasal obstruction and sinusitis. A comprehensive exam revealed a prominent bump on the bridge of her nose, wide and strong tip cartilages, lack of tip support accentuating the droopy look when smiling, and a deviated septum. The large nasal bump and the strong tip cartilages can be noted especially on the ¾ view and side profile. A closed approach was utilized to lower the bump on the bridge and replace it with a soft, gentle feminine slope, seen best on the ¾ and side profile images. The tip cartilages were made less bulbous and given a natural appearing definition. Her deviated septum was fixed and she can now breathe much better.