Breast Reconstruction and Lift

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Breast Reconstruction and Lift- This woman, in her early 30s, underwent a Lumpectomy several years ago on her right breast, due to a cancerous tumor. The results of that surgery led to unevenness, or asymmetry in her breasts, with the right breast sitting higher than the left. Dr. Lepore presented a number of options to balance her breasts, ultimately advising Breast Reconstruction using silicone implants, along with Breast Lift, and a slight Reduction on the left breast. During her surgery, in a single session, Dr. Lepore performed a short-scar anchor lift on the right breast, and an anchor-style lift with slight reduction of the left breast. Our patient's bilateral breast reconstruction was completed with the so-called gummy bear style implant; Sientra, moderate profile 300cc smooth, round implants, which were inserted beneath the chest muscle.

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