Reversing "Surprised" Eyebrow look by Lowering Eyebrows with BOTOX

*Treatment results may vary

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62-year-old female with over elevated eyebrows (“Surprised”) due to Botox treatment technique. Patient came to my office for Botox treatment because her Botox doctor was unavailable that week. I pointed out to the patient she had a over elevated and unnatural appearance of her eyebrows (“surprised look”). I offered to the patient to administer her Botox with a technique that will lower her eyebrows to achieve a normal shape, while keeping her forehead smooth. She accepted the recommendation and was treated with 40 units of Botox in the forehead. Three (3) days later the patient was “unhappy” because by lowering the eyebrows, she noticed “increased excess of skin in her upper lids”. Patient followed up one week later. Pictures show the appearance of the patient before and one (1) week after treatment lowering the eyebrows with Botox.