49 year old man with problem neck and 1 year after correction with necklift and lower facelift.

*Treatment results may vary

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There were several contributing factors to the unsightly neck in this man who way way too young to have  a neck like this.
Each component had to be surgically addressed to obtain this degree of improvement. In other words the result is from more than just a necklift. A lower facelift including necklift contoured the platysma and skin. Excessive prominence of his  submandibular glands required partial resection of the gland on each side. Not often appreciated is the importance of the shape of the bone structure of the mandible. Seen before the surgery, the definition of his jawline was relatively weak and the chin did not have good definition at its lower part. Correction was performed by augmenting the jawline, individualised for his need using hydroxyapatite coral granules for  jawline enhancement, 3.6ml each side and 0.6 ml chin augmentation.