Try This at Home: Your Face, in Perfect Symmetry

Anonymous_1 on 28 Feb 2011 at 12:00am

Call it a balancing act: the motivation behind cosmetic surgery is often to achieve balance in features. Think: correcting a crooked nose, evening out a drooping eye, squaring off a jaw.  

But does having a symmetrical, balanced face mean you are more beautiful?  

Photographer Julian Wolkenstein set out to examine just that. The basis for his 2010 photo/art project, Echoism, is the notion that those with proportioned faces are more attractive.  

His project allows you to play with your image and make it perfectly symmetrical. (Yes - you can try this yourself! Read on…)  

Wolkenstein chose people with unique individual facial features, and photographed them all in the same position – facing the camera. His subjects were asked to keep their faces devoid of emotion.  

The resulting image of each person was then cut into two halves. Two entirely new images of the person were then created, each made up of half of the original face – one facing normally, the other flipped to compose the other side of the face. Both new images are perfectly symmetrical.  

Obsessed yet? We are. Try it: at the project’s Website, you can take your photo, then watch as your image is split into two new symmetrical looks.   Then consider, are you indeed more beautiful when you’re in perfect proportion?  

Experts have their own opinions. Honolulu plastic surgeon Randy Wong says, “The natural occurring asymmetry in people is what makes many faces attractive, unique, and interesting.” And Miami facial plastic surgeon Jeffrey S. Epstein chimes in, “The realistic goal is not to create perfect symmetry, but to help get closer to that goal and make a moderate improvement.”  

Achieving facial symmetry is an oft-discussed topic on RealSelf, from drooping eyes to imbalanced eyebrows and uneven nostrils. Check out before and after photos to see real results.  

[Photo courtesy of Dr. Steven J. Pearlman]