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Pellevé is a non-invasive wrinkle reduction system. It uses radiofrequency technology to heat deep layers of the skin, stimulating the production of new collagen in the face, including the skin around the eyes. A series of monthly treatments is recommended with yearly touch-ups for optimal results.

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I have been going to a local skin center near my home for about 6 or 7 years for light chemical peels, juvederm and facial muscle toning treatments. All seem to help a little but not to a great extent. My technician is not a doctor - she's a nurse. I read some reviews about Pelleve and was... READ MORE

I just completed my 2nd Pelleve treatment for face and neck ($400 each). I'm supposed to have at least 4 to get the results I want. I have slightly sagging jowls, large pores, and the beginnings of a turkey neck. I've done other similar treatments like Accent XL and Sheerwave, non-ablative... READ MORE

So I have Crohn's disease and am only 4'8. My face never thinned out and I was on prednisone as a child so I have a very round face with almost no jawline. Pelleve was recommend to me for fat loss, meaning they have to get my heated to a 43 to have fat loss. I will need a total of 8 treatments... READ MORE

I wanted to try skin tightening (without going "under the knife") for jowls, double chin and droopy eyes... yea that's about it. My whole face after 40 seemed to have fullness in the wrong places and my cheeks looked sunken , my eyes (under eyes) looked tired. I considered Ultherapy but it... READ MORE

The promise of helping wrinkling without a facelift. Have had five treatments so far, and am very pleased. There is noticeable improvement around my eyes, upper face and neck. Will continue with this service. Probably will target the area above my knees next and move on to the upper arm area.... READ MORE

My legs have definitely aged prematurely. Skin very saggy just above the knees. I had a series of 6 pelleve treatments and have noticed a major improvement. Very happy with the results to the point of now starting treatments on my face. The treatment was only slightly uncomfortable with no... READ MORE

I had the Pelleve done to my full face & neck and it was so worth it! I was turning 50 and wanted some help with my skin that was getting old, wrinkly and just looking tired. A friend of mine had it done at Dr. Sumner Slavin's office to her jawline and around her eyes and you could really see... READ MORE

I had Pelleve on cheek areas. There was no tightening at all or any results visible after the treatment. I was told the usual line of "collagen will reform itself after 6 weeks"etc... Well,months later there's still no results. This treatment is ineffective and save your money for something... READ MORE

The procedure was very gentle . it didn't hurt at all! The doctor was very comforting before and after the procedure. I was very Happy with the results. People around me noticed a difference after I had the procedure done. I would recommend this procedure to anyone that wanted to look a... READ MORE

I am very happy with the results of Pelleve!! I did three treatments spaced one month apart for one another. I really liked the idea of no down time and it felt comfortable like a hot stone massage on my face. My skin looked great right after the treatment and only got better the second and... READ MORE

I received Pelleve as part of a package to improve my acne scaring. (You can see a more detailed review under "Mixto".) The Pelleve treatment was much like a hot stone massage. More relaxing than anything with very little to no pain. The treatment is administered using a device very similar to... READ MORE

I had two Pelleve treatments for the eye area , by a 5 star Dermatologist in Beverly Hills. There was ZERO improvement in the area short term or long term. Actually, everyone agrees the treatments made the area much worse. I took before and after photos and there was definitely a worsened... READ MORE

I tried one treatment of the pelleve at Nonsurgical Lipo Skin Tightening Ctr. First of all they are at least half the price that you would pay anywhere else. I noticed a big reduction in wrinkles. jowls are almost gone, my eyebrows are lifted all this with just one treatment the technician... READ MORE

Dr Bucay and all of the staff at La Casita are so nice and always make me feel comfortable during my visits. Dr Bucay's skills at injectables are top notch, she is so smart and knows just what is right for me. My results were that I looked like a younger, fresher version of myself. Perfect, have... READ MORE

I am working on changing my skin texture. I've had several Pelleve treatments with Kathy at Dr. Bartels office and so far I am amazed. It really is a workhorse for wrinkles. My skin tone has changed only after a few treatments. It was painless and actually quite relaxing. I talked to Kathy... READ MORE

I have had Pelleve Facial Laser Sessions and Zeltiq Body Laser Sessions with Dr. DiBernardo. My face looks great and I have not had to redo my regular Botox injections because the laser has rejuvenated the collagen near my eyes. The body laser treatments are easy and work by freezing fat cells... READ MORE

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How much does Pelleve cost?

The typical cost for Pelleve ranges from $750-$2,025 with an average cost of $1,375. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 10 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more