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This surgical procedure for men involves silicone or saline chest implants for a more developed look. LEARN MORE ›

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Absolutely Amazing Experience with Dr. Klein

I am genetically thin, particularly in the pectoral area. After 20 years of working out and trying to natural build mass, I only succeeded in tearing the muscles and tendons in my shoulders. I researched about pectoral implants an found they were the perfect solution for an area I could not get... READ MORE

Worst Doctor Ever - New York, NY

I had gonne to this doctor and consulted about having a chest implant or somthing to make my chest look more musculine and better he recomended a chest implaant he say will look perfect so i trust him and got the implant at my second date of the prosedure i noticed that one of my pec were... READ MORE

PECTORAL Implants & Body Contouring (To All the Men) - San Diego, CA

"" Thank's , Dr.Mark Mofid "" I LOVE my new contoured body & Pectoral implants !!! Well worth the trip from Vancouver , Canada . You are the master , an exceptionally gifted artist . " I'm so happy l found you on " Thanks to all your wonderful staff . They are... READ MORE

Silicone Implant Surgery to Treat Pectus Excavatum. La Mesa, CA

I have a congenital abnormality of the chest wall called pectus excavatum. It is caused by abnormal growth/positioning of the ribs and sternum, and results in an indentation in the middle of the chest. The degree of indentation in my case (Haller index of 4.3) was considered “severe” by the... READ MORE

Pectus Carinatum Before and After - Israel

Hello! I would like to share my pectus carinatum surgery results before and after mentioning that my condition is so rare which lays in the upper part of the chest! My condition appeared when I became 14 and it really bothered me alot... So I decided we must get to an end with it and here we... READ MORE

Pectoral Implant - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Had a pectoral implant procedure combined with liposuction ,exactly 3 weeks ago , today I have noticed that my left chest is bigger and lot firmer than usual compared to the right chest , this happened after I took off the compression garment for a bit . No unusual pain , and no fever ... READ MORE

Oh Happy Day I Get my Chest Back - Mobile , AL

I since I've been out of the military and head over five operations my knees my shoulders my back in my belly but due to the accident my chest just didn't look right so I save my money for year and get my chest done I do not regret it whatsoever More men should do this. not just a easy recovery... READ MORE

64 YO. Male with Gynecomastia - Miami, FL

I had gynecomastia on the right side and after healing the right nipple area was deformed, now I have it on the left breast. Went to Dr. Polo who said he would reconstruct my chest, then I ask him about male pec implants. I decided to go with the reconstruction of my chest and had the pec... READ MORE

very bad and painful pectoral implants with unexperienced doctor, don't hesitate to make your research

Pec implent, Unfortunately the doctor have no exprince on this, he put me big implent that Made me a lot of crazy pain for1 year, and hi put them in bad posision, and it was look very bad after i wait 6 month with crazy endless pain he fix it, make it look better but still to big and i have pain... READ MORE

Pectoral Implants - Minneapolis, MN

I was leery in having pec implants. I am a survivor of Pectus Escavatum. I was born with my sternum attached to my backbone. At 18 years old I had the Ravtich procedure. Having pec implants is one of the last steps in the process of self esteem and feeling not deformed. I am so thankful to Dr.... READ MORE

He Cut Me Open to Make Me Feel Good About Myself Again :) - Toronto, ON

I was fed up with having a set of pecs that just wouldn't respond to work outs. Everything else did, so it made my pecs even less proportionate. I have 2 young kids to live for and I was just fed up and frustrated with refusing to do certain things in the summer because I wasn't... READ MORE

Pec Implants - toronto, Canada

It was an amazing experience. I have been in the Gym for almost 3 years and I was not able to build up my pectorals, in fact i was training like 5-6 days/wk and ended up several times in hospital with muscle break down, so i thought about doing it and reduce the frequency i go to the gym, then i... READ MORE

Very Happy After Pectoral Implants - San Diego, CA

Due to a shoulder injury a couple years ago, I was unable to lift enough to get my chest to look how I wanted it to. I decided to explore pectoral implants. Dr. P and his staff, especially Daisy, were always very professional, courteous, and kind. When I had some minor complications with me... READ MORE

Pec Implants to Correct Chest After Gynaecomastia-like Surgery - Melbourne, AU

It is early days yet at day 6 but the results are looking pretty good. I decided to go with the Polytech ones that create a natural look rather than the body-builder type. My rationale was that I wanted to look natural and that the big square ones would look strange if the rest of the body was... READ MORE

Doctor, Living and Practicing in Kendall, Miami, FL

Excellent doctor and staff. Office professional ambience, clean, and soothing. Staff courteous, polite, and efficient. Dr. G, took his time, comforting demeanor. Procedure went very smoothly, with little discomfort. post op care was very comforting, and thorough. Office made sure I was well... READ MORE

Pec Implant Removal. Beverly Hills, CA

I went to Dr. Stanton after a different surgeon put implants in that were too large and off centered. Dr. Stanton seemed to care more than the other surgeons I have visited. The office is nice and orderly. The staff is courteous and helped out a lot. The consultation was easy and everything was... READ MORE

Pectoral Implants - San Diego, CA

I'm just about 2 weeks post-op, every day I get a little better and I'm excited to see the final results. I researched a lot of doctors in the San Diego area (even in Los Angeles) and I definitely chose the best one. Dr. Mofid is an amazing professional, his entire team is very friendly and... READ MORE

26 yo, Male, 5'9, 135lbs- Slender build, looking to bulk up.

UPDATE: I originally had planned on getting the procedure down here in Colorado by Dr. Grossman. I didn't change my mind because of Dr. Grossman at all, but because of the lack of experience with the procedure in the area. Although Dr. Grossman's work is outstanding in the areas that he... READ MORE

Pectoral implants

This is something I saved and wanted for years. I had nothing but rib cage and skin before so I didn't expect them look perfect like they do now. My implants gave me definition, size, and cleavage. They feel natural and I don't have a big gap between them. I just got my surgery a week ago, will... READ MORE

poland's syndrome specialist. India, IN

My journey with Dr Rao has been simply one of exceeded expectations. Of the procedures that I undertook with him, his skill in creating a new pectoral for my chest was nothing short of excellent. I have been suffering this embarrassing body condition for 25 years and I lost belief after numerous... READ MORE

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