ORBERA Intragastric Balloon

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The Orbera weight loss balloon is a non-surgical option for people with a BMI of 30 to 40. A soft silicone balloon is placed in the stomach via endoscopy. It’s then filled with saline, which creates a full feeling even after small meals. It remains in the stomach for up to six months and is removed. Paired with healthy diet and exercise, the Orbera balloon is a good option for those who don’t want, or qualify for, weight loss surgery, but the results are not as dramatic as what can be expected with gastric bypass, a sleeve gastrectomy, or the lap band.

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34 Years Old. Needing to Lose 75 Lbs. Balloon

Just had it placed about 12 hours ago. I don't "FEEL" the. Balloon. I DO However feel a "cramping" in my neck. PLUS I've got a TON of saliva being produced and I'm spitting it out. I have NOT vomited, knock on wood. Would love anyone's input and what I might be looking toawards experiencing. Thanks! READ MORE

40-something Looking to Get a New Designer Belt! - Saint Louis, MO

Tomorrow I will have the Orbera balloon placed. I gained 80 pounds in just under a year due to an unexpected life stressor. I am hopeful this will help me relearn the good habits I had previously. I never was a terrible eater, used to live my life on egg whites and time in the gym was endless.... READ MORE

Fat Fit, Needing to Drop Some Pounds

I am not the typical overweight person. I work out pretty regularly and stay active. As I approach my 50's it has become increasingly difficult to lose weight. It is my hope that the balloon will inhibit food intake so that I can retrain myself and get educated about how much is enough. Since... READ MORE

7 Days Post Orbera Placement - West Palm Beach, FL

I'm a 58 yo female. High blood presure, high cholesterol, underactive thyroid (Hashimoto's) Starting weight 220 - Day 7 down 2.6 pounds Hope to lose 40 to 50 pounds. Seven days after placement, I must say things are going better than expected. My doctor prescribed a protein pump inhibitor,... READ MORE

38 Yo Female with Pcos Looking for Weight Loss Option - Dunwoody, GA

After extensive research on Orbeara, I found this option would be best for my situation. Short but sweet description of day #1. Procedure went extremely smoothe, it wasn't until 1 hour after the procedure my stomach started acting weird. No pain really, more so a slight nausea. The water and... READ MORE

32 Yo Female. Needed Some Help to Lose the Weight. Houston, TX

Hello to all I was desperately looking for some change when it came to my weight gain struggle. I have been overweight my whole life. The most I've ever weighed has been 270lbs and I am 5'7''1/2. I've done all types of diets from quick weight loss to cabbage soup. Two years ago I lost about... READ MORE

45 Yrs Old, 254 Lbs, 5'9, No Kids

I expect to lose 30 lbs or more.. I go in for my procedure on Thur, April 27, 6 am. I've been on Adipex off and on for about 18 years. I'd start on pills & worked out for about 6 months then stop (lemon water & small food portions daily) Got rid of 30 lbs the the 1st time...weight stayed... READ MORE

Need to Loose 40 Kg

I am a woman, bmi 33,5 First 3 days felt strange. Vomating as well. Suppository medication was a big help. now it's fine. I hope this will help me to get rid of the 40 extra kilogram. I have tried many diets. I am willing to change my lifestyle permanent. I was always skinny suddenly last 4... READ MORE

Seriously Considering As I've Been 50lbs Overweight Consistently - Roslyn Heights, NY

I've been consistently stuck at 50 pounds overweight. Nothing I do works. Having said that, I love eating out and rich foods. That's gonna have to change quickly. I am committed to changing my eating habits but I always backslide to my old ways when I notice no change in the scale. I'm thinking... READ MORE

45-Yr Old Female Needing Weight Loss Jumpstart

I had the Orbera placed on March 30th and I can say it has been a very uncomfortable 19 days. Days 1-4 was what I expected, nausea, cramping, etc., but the symptoms have gone on much too long. I lost 12-lbs the first week, but I think much of that was due to the fact I couldn't eat or drink... READ MORE

28 Y/O Male - Orbera Scheduled - Having Second Thoughts.....

I'm 28 and I have struggled with weight my entire life. I am currently 295 lbs. My highest weight was 385 lbs about 10 years ago. I got down to 225 at one point and was really happy. I got married and quit smoking and gained back 80 lbs that I worked EXTREMELY hard to lose. I am no longer... READ MORE

Waste of Money

I got the ballon put in 6 months ago. The first 3 days were tuff. I had to get IV fluids on day two and three because of the excessive vomiting. After that I acclimated well. But I never lost weight. I ate right over it. I actually gained weight because I am now going through menopause. I had... READ MORE

My Orbera Journey

I'v always been thick/slim. . No love handles no gut ....everything was intact. But since my 3rd Child and now that I'm older it became harder for me to lose weight. . Im 37 5'5 & 225 pounds . . I lost 11pounds last month with the phentermine pills. . But I've been searching for... READ MORE

Going for Consult - Need some positive stories!!!

Hello, I am currently considered obese but not enough so for surgery. I am 5'5 and weigh about 186 pounds. I am considering the Orbera Balloon but have heard so many people state how horrible or uncomfortable their experience was or is. Is there anyone out there who had a great experience or... READ MORE

Hoping This Gives Me the Push I Need!

I'm hoping to loose a few stone with help of the ballon! The first step was a basic consultation, Asking me why I wanted the balloon and what I expect the results to be. I then had a appointment with the dietitian and a nurse, who were both great. I was told about how the procedure would be, a... READ MORE

Looking for good balloon weight lose dr in Mexico?

Hi, I am searching for the names of good weight loss centers in Mexico that insert the balloon? Can anyone refer me to a good dr? I live near Mexico in San Diego and it is worth the drive to save a few thousand dollars. READ MORE

45 WF, 221 Lbs., High Bp; Needed Weight Loss Help - Shreveport, LA

Full liquid diet day prior to placement. Took all meds as prescribed prior to procedure and immediately took prescribed meds post-procedure (alternated zofran & hyoscyamine sulfate). Only experienced nausea first 2 days, no vomiting. Now almost 1 week later I am constantly hungry. Is this... READ MORE

Orbera Placement Date 1-2

I was so afraid listening to everyone out come, first l "lost" my strong anti-emetic. I was terrified. Told my doctor he explained I would be medicated well. 5 hours later cramping only. Early second day about 1am vomited. A little groggy but relatively HAPPY. Down 4 lbs no felling of... READ MORE

48 year old with a new outlook on life

All set - visited Dr. Houston last Friday and I'm scheduled for my procedure on Jan. 27th. So excited about this journey and the opportunities that this new life is going to offer me. I am 5'7" 204 lbs. BMI 32. My goal is 140 lbs. hope to reach that within 12 months. Less than a week out.... READ MORE

Miserable experience

Well, I had the Orbera balloon put in two days ago. From the moment I got home I was vomiting every ten minutes. This lasted all day and all night. I was utterly miserable. It was sheer torture and there was no way I could take it even one more day. I went back in to the surgical center... READ MORE

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