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The Orbera weight loss balloon is a non-surgical option for people with a BMI of 30 to 40. A soft silicone balloon is placed in the stomach via endoscopy. It’s then filled with saline, which creates a full feeling even after small meals. It remains in the stomach for up to six months and is removed. Paired with healthy diet and exercise, the Orbera balloon is a good option for those who don’t want, or qualify for, weight loss surgery, but the results are not as dramatic as what can be expected with gastric bypass, a sleeve gastrectomy, or the lap band.

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Over 55 and Sick and Tried of Taking Medication - Mexico

The procedure was painless don't remember a thing . Sleeping I had to find a good position. Found it better to put pillars behind my back and slightly upright works. Day one, yes I got sick perhaps 3 time attempting to consume enough liquid to avoid dehydration , but day 3 I'm 100 % better.... READ MORE

33 Years Old. Already Lost 100 Pounds and Was Stuck for 1.5 Years

My motivation for doing this was my desire to look and feel great. I used to weigh 310 pounds, of which I did lose 100 of it. I did that by exercise and diet alone. After 1.5 years of being the same weight, I decided to try Orbera. BEST DECISION EVER!!!!!! My doctor was amazing and patient and... READ MORE

42 Yr Old with 3 Kids; Trying to Get "Me" Back

Ive got the same ole sad story! I took care of everyone else and let myself go! Yet, now people are growing up and leaving the house. My second child is a Sr in high school and momma has one left before she's all alone. Even me Yorkie, Chief Lewis is 10... Sooo it's time to shed some poundage... READ MORE

Great results because of Dr. Davtyan

I have a slow thyroid problem which makes it really hard to lose weight. I tried so many different things like pills and injections, but still my weight would go up and down by as much as 10-15lbs and it was taking a toll on me physically. I’m a deputy and I need to feel good physically for my j... READ MORE

40-something Looking to Get a New Designer Belt! - Saint Louis, MO

Tomorrow I will have the Orbera balloon placed. I gained 80 pounds in just under a year due to an unexpected life stressor. I am hopeful this will help me relearn the good habits I had previously. I never was a terrible eater, used to live my life on egg whites and time in the gym was endless.... READ MORE

Tired Of Living Overweight

My Expectations for the Balloon is to Claim My Life Back I have been struggling for the Past 5 Years with being over 200 pounds. My Current Weight is 228 and even with diet and exercise the most I'm able to lose is 15 pounds then eventually come back to 228-230 pounds and my Body really feels... READ MORE

32 Year Old Single Mom Looking to Drop 40 Lbs

I'm traveling to Tijuana this week to have Orbera placed. Over the past seven months, I've gained 20 lbs. I was about 15 lbs overweight to begin with. Since my BMI is 28, they won't do the procedure here in the US. I start my liquid diet in weds, and have it inserted Friday. Pretty nervous and... READ MORE

38 Yo Female with Pcos Looking for Weight Loss Option - Dunwoody, GA

After extensive research on Orbeara, I found this option would be best for my situation. Short but sweet description of day #1. Procedure went extremely smoothe, it wasn't until 1 hour after the procedure my stomach started acting weird. No pain really, more so a slight nausea. The water and... READ MORE

34 Years Old. Needing to Lose 75 Lbs. Balloon

Just had it placed about 12 hours ago. I don't "FEEL" the. Balloon. I DO However feel a "cramping" in my neck. PLUS I've got a TON of saliva being produced and I'm spitting it out. I have NOT vomited, knock on wood. Would love anyone's input and what I might be looking toawards experiencing.... READ MORE

Fat Fit, Needing to Drop Some Pounds

I am not the typical overweight person. I work out pretty regularly and stay active. As I approach my 50's it has become increasingly difficult to lose weight. It is my hope that the balloon will inhibit food intake so that I can retrain myself and get educated about how much is enough. Since... READ MORE

7 Days Post Orbera Placement - West Palm Beach, FL

I'm a 58 yo female. High blood presure, high cholesterol, underactive thyroid (Hashimoto's) Starting weight 220 - Day 7 down 2.6 pounds Hope to lose 40 to 50 pounds. Seven days after placement, I must say things are going better than expected. My doctor prescribed a protein pump inhibitor,... READ MORE

32 Yo Female. Needed Some Help to Lose the Weight. Houston, TX

Hello to all I was desperately looking for some change when it came to my weight gain struggle. I have been overweight my whole life. The most I've ever weighed has been 270lbs and I am 5'7''1/2. I've done all types of diets from quick weight loss to cabbage soup. Two years ago I lost about... READ MORE

3 Weeks of Balloon Placement

I had about 50 extra pounds that dribbled on over the past 10 years. Am turning 60 in 9 mos. and decided to lose it by then. I do swim 4 days a week and lift weights, but I decided I needed a better plan. First three days after procedure were a bear; nausea and some vomiting with pressure, even... READ MORE

42 and over Being Fat

I hope to loose 70lbs I currently weigh 210 lbs with this balloon. I just went in today to sigh consent forms. My docotor informed me there is a new warning out from the FDA due to 5 recent deaths of people that had the balloon placed. They all died 3 days to a month after placement but no real... READ MORE

47 Year Old Female

I am 47 and have been on every diet you can imagine. These last few years have been very difficult to lose weight due to perimenopause. I am 5'4 and on the day of my procedure was 184 pounds. Well, today is day two and the scale said 179. Day one was very difficult. Despite taking all my meds, I... READ MORE

Need to Loose 40 Kg

I am a woman, bmi 33,5 First 3 days felt strange. Vomating as well. Suppository medication was a big help. now it's fine. I hope this will help me to get rid of the 40 extra kilogram. I have tried many diets. I am willing to change my lifestyle permanent. I was always skinny suddenly last 4... READ MORE

37 Year Old Mom to 3, Tired of Being over Weight

Worst idea ever, just a waste of money I totally regret this thing placed, I'm getting it out in a few days and then plan to lose weight hopefully with diet and exercise Should have done that in the first place, I'm so sad I had this done With this money I could have had lipo done instead,... READ MORE

48 Years Old Not Able to Loose Under 200

I am 48 years old. For may years I have been over weight. I will fluctuate between 180 and 210. I read so many negative reviews about Orbera, I almost chickened out.... The Obera was places on 8/17/17 and I am down from 205 to 197.6. I have had no vomiting and very little nausea. The team at... READ MORE

Orbera Balloon at Athenix - 5 star experience

I got the Orbera Intragastric Balloon in June (2 months ago) at Athenix and the whole experience has been amazing! Everyone at Athenix is incredibly kind, patient, and thorough. The procedure itself was easy and painless, and I felt back to normal in a couple of days. I've lost 16 pounds to date... READ MORE

No Side Effects - Get your procedures with Dr. Batash

Professional, caring compassionate. I agree with the prior review " He is the best", in the field of placement of the gastric balloon. I've reached my goal weight, and didn't have any side-effects at all!!!! Can't even tell I have a balloon. I highly recommend Dr. Batash. READ MORE

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