Nipple Surgery Videos

Watch a Live Nipple Reconstruction Using the Star Flap Technique

Dr. Johnny Franco introduces a patient who had previously underwent a breast reconstruction and now presents for nipple reconstruction. VIEW NOW


Watch 22 Seconds of Nipple Reconstruction (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Dev Wali performs surgery on a woman with a history of breast cancer. In this video she undergoes nipple reconstruction following mastectomy and breast reconstruction. VIEW NOW

Nipple Reconstruction: An Overview

Dr. Ariel N. Rad explains how he uses refined nipple reconstruction techniques to add the finishing touches on a beautiful result. Reconstructed nipples are then tattooed to give the lifelike appearance of areolar color and glandular structures. VIEW NOW

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The Doctor's Travel Tips for Plastic Surgery

Dr. Melinda Haws gives advice on traveling for surgical procedures and what you can expect. VIEW NOW

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The Doctor Reduces The Size of This Young Man's Nipples (GRAPHIC)

After a previous surgery left this man with a large wide areola complex, Dr. Andrew T. Cohen performs a benelli lift, using a purse string suture, to reduce the size of this young man's nipples. VIEW NOW

See This Woman's Breast Scar Revision Before & After

Scars can usually be improved once they've matured, as long as the patient's skin isn't otherwise prone to poor scarring. Dr. Malik Kutty shares this woman's scar revision results. VIEW NOW

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25 Seconds of Inverted Nipple Correction With Galaflex (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Jed H. Horowitz demonstrates a simple method of correcting an inverted nipple using a Galaflex space. This cosmetic and reconstructive procedure uses a traction suture, release of fibrotic ducts with a Steven's scissor followed by a space. VIEW NOW

Breast Lift — Nipple Placement, Removing Excess Skin, and Adding Cleavage

Dr. Sean Rice explains the type of results you can expect from a breast lift surgery and the recovery time frame. VIEW NOW

How Smoking Impacts Healing After Cosmetic Procedures

Smoking can have a dramatic impact on your body's ability to heal. Find out how smoking impacts wound healing from Dr. John J. Edney. VIEW NOW

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Breast Reduction: Why This Doctor Doesn't Use Nipple Grafts

Many surgeons use a nipple graft after a breast reduction. Here's why Dr. Earl Stephenson, Jr., doesn't. VIEW NOW


Nipple Areola Surgery: Watch as the Doctor Makes This Woman's Areola Smaller (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Remus Repta performed a breast lift and purse string areola reduction to give this woman smaller areolas. VIEW NOW

Breast Reduction Techniques and Areola Reduction and Inverted Nipple Surgery

Dr. Marc DuPéré explains the common complaint women with larger breasts have and their options when seeking breast reduction surgery. VIEW NOW

Inverted Nipple Correction Surgery: See the Procedure and Final Result (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Karthik Ram performs surgery to correct this woman's inverted nipple. VIEW NOW

Breast Reconstruction: See How Tattoos Recreate the Nipple

Using tattoo coloring and shading techniques, these tattoos give the illusion of a nipple on breasts reconstructed after cancer. VIEW NOW

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Fixing an Inverted Nipple: The Doctor Describes His Technique

After flying all the way to Arizona from Alaska, this patient has an inverted nipple fixed. Dr. Remus Repta describes the 30-minute surgery, which was performed under local anesthesia. VIEW NOW

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