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What Kind of Marks Do Supernumerary/accessory/extra/third Nipple Removal Leave Behind?

I got mine removed through a skin doctor about a year ago. My doctor "scooped" my nipple out and stitch back the skin. As my stitches healed, my skin... READ MORE

Dark Scar After I Removed the the Third and Fourth Nipple?

I had 2 extra nipples under the oreginal once and i got them removed by surgery now after 4 months the scar looks dark and I use kelo-cote for scars... READ MORE

Extra Nipple (Polymastia) Removal?

I have an extra nipple on my right breast with some extra breast tissues (I guess). I know mine is little more complicated. I would like to get... READ MORE

Getting Surgery to Remove an Extra Nipple on my Right Breast, How Do I Go About This?

Iv had and extra nipple on my right breast since I was born. It's a bit smaller and placed right below my normal nipple. I hate it! I'm 20 years old... READ MORE

Is It Appropriate to Burn an Accessory Nipple off with Liquid Nitrogen?

I have what I thought was a small mole in front of my axilla for as far back as I remember. 2nd one grew after breastfeeding & texture of 1st... READ MORE

Does Accessory Nipple Removal Affect Breastfeeding?

I will be having accessory nipples by the armpit removed but I would like to know if this can affect me breastfeeding my kids later on. Will I not be... READ MORE

What options do I have for correction? (Photo)

I was born with a 3rd nipple under my right breast, and with 2 pregnancies it's grown into a milk-producing breast causing very uneven, and one... READ MORE

Third nipple with breast tissue removal + uneven breast size options (Photo)

I have a third nipple with breast tissue under my right breast. It has increasingly gotten larger over the years and sits right on my bra line so at... READ MORE

I have 2 extra nipples - where to get them removed?

Okay so I have to nipples beside my armpits on each side. I can't wear tanks or certain bathing suits because they become visible. Where could I go to... READ MORE

What doctor should I go see if I have a nipple abnormality as a male?

I have 2 nipples on the right side. I want to remove it but I am not sure where I should seek help READ MORE

What is wrong with my nipple? One looks like it may have an extra nipple. (photos)

I have always been self conscious about my nipples. I have many different things going on here. The right nipple looks like it may have an extra... READ MORE

I have extra nipples on my areola which makes going shirtless in public very difficult. (photo)

I would like a surgeon to remove the extra nipples and leaving one of them To essentially make them somewhat normal. READ MORE

Where can I get my extra nipple removed in London and what is the average cost?

I'm struggling to find anywhere. I have an extra nipple which bothers me as it is dark and has a duct, so it is too developed to be mistaken for a... READ MORE

Extra nipples at underarms after pregnancy.

I hv extra nipples in both underarms after pergent wht it will cost for surgery I can't even whr slevesless clothes READ MORE

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