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What Kind of Marks Do Supernumerary/accessory/extra/third Nipple Removal Leave Behind?

I got mine removed through a skin doctor about a year ago. My doctor "scooped" my nipple out and stitch back the skin. As my stitches healed, my skin... READ MORE

Dark Scar After I Removed the the Third and Fourth Nipple?

I had 2 extra nipples under the oreginal once and i got them removed by surgery now after 4 months the scar looks dark and I use kelo-cote for scars... READ MORE

Extra Nipple (Polymastia) Removal?

I have an extra nipple on my right breast with some extra breast tissues (I guess). I know mine is little more complicated. I would like to get... READ MORE

Getting Surgery to Remove an Extra Nipple on my Right Breast, How Do I Go About This?

Iv had and extra nipple on my right breast since I was born. It's a bit smaller and placed right below my normal nipple. I hate it! I'm 20 years old... READ MORE

Is It Appropriate to Burn an Accessory Nipple off with Liquid Nitrogen?

I have what I thought was a small mole in front of my axilla for as far back as I remember. 2nd one grew after breastfeeding & texture of 1st... READ MORE

Does Accessory Nipple Removal Affect Breastfeeding?

I will be having accessory nipples by the armpit removed but I would like to know if this can affect me breastfeeding my kids later on. Will I not be... READ MORE

What options do I have for correction? (Photo)

I was born with a 3rd nipple under my right breast, and with 2 pregnancies it's grown into a milk-producing breast causing very uneven, and one... READ MORE

Third nipple with breast tissue removal + uneven breast size options (Photo)

I have a third nipple with breast tissue under my right breast. It has increasingly gotten larger over the years and sits right on my bra line so at... READ MORE

What doctor should I go see if I have a nipple abnormality as a male?

I have 2 nipples on the right side. I want to remove it but I am not sure where I should seek help READ MORE

I have 2 extra nipples - where to get them removed?

Okay so I have to nipples beside my armpits on each side. I can't wear tanks or certain bathing suits because they become visible. Where could I go to... READ MORE

Where can I get my extra nipple removed in London and what is the average cost?

I'm struggling to find anywhere. I have an extra nipple which bothers me as it is dark and has a duct, so it is too developed to be mistaken for a... READ MORE

Extra nipples at underarms after pregnancy.

I hv extra nipples in both underarms after pergent wht it will cost for surgery I can't even whr slevesless clothes READ MORE

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