Two New Technologies For Pumping Up Lips

Real Beauty News on 22 Jul 2008 at 4:48pm

At a medical spa in San Antonio, and a plastic surgeon's office in Louisiana, lip augmentation procedures seem to be going the way of breast implants as women seek more long-term solutions for sexier lips.

Dr. Laura Bennack, medical director at Radiance Medspa in San Antonio, told San Antonio's KVUE that women are really satisfied with the results they’ve gotten from Verafil implants.

Originally designed and FDA approved for reconstructive procedures around the eye socket, the design of Verafil implants prevents bonding to the skin, so future removal is an option. Lip augmentation requires a bit of local anesthesia, after which the doctor makes a small incision, inserts the plastic implant through a metal tube, and then pumps it with saline.

New Orleans plastic surgeon Michele Cooper, MD uses the FulFil lip implant from Evera Medical, and says her "patients say that the implants feel remarkably natural." Similar to Verafil, FulFil was originally approved as a nasal splint.

At a price of approximately $3000 and implant effectiveness lasting at least a decade, the process is more cost effective and permanent than lip augmentation with fillers.