3 truly odd plastic surgery requests

A. Foley on 13 Oct 2009 at 12:00am

1. Help me get past casino security

Beverly Hills facial plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Fleming was visited by a professional gambler wanting plastic surgery. "He wanted to totally change his physical appearance because he was being monitored in Las Vegas and Atlantic City casinos." Dr. Fleming refused to do the surgery for obvious reasons.

2.  I want to look good -- dead

Kamran Jafri, MD, a New York City Facial Plastic Surgeon, was asked to do a facelift by a terminally ill cancer patient so "she would look her best for her funeral."  He declined to do the surgery. "I did advise her on some skin care regimens that would improve some of the blemishes that had occurred on her face during her treatment," said Jafri.photo gallery of brazilian butt lifts

In Kentucky, a 78 year old woman contacted plastic surgeon Dr. Randy Waldman and asked for a nose job. "I asked her why she had waited so long and she replied that she had always wanted a different nose and now that she was getting up in years she wanted to make sure she looked good in her coffin," explains Dr. Waldman.

3. The tape behind my head is starting to get annoying

Dr Jafri also encountered a patient who had used adhesive tape to hold back sagging neck skin and jowls back with adhesive tape to the back of her neck. "She had been doing this for the last ten years and wanted the exact same look surgically. Naturally, this was one consultation that was kindly declined."

Redirecting misguided consumers

Dr. Kenneth Steinsapir, Los Angeles Oculoplastic surgeon points out that the unusual requests are actually an important matter.  Ethical doctors work "to discover these misdirected motivations to have cosmetic surgery and direct the individual to get appropriate help."

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