In 2010 Americans want whiter teeth, tight abs vs. Botox

A. Foley on 22 Dec 2009 at 12:00am

For 2010 Americans dream of cosmetic makeovers that tighten abs and leave a brighter smile, rather than those that erase worry lines and lift sagging facial features.

A poll of 2,227 U.S. adults released today by Harris Interactive on behalf of found that more than half of all adults (54%) would choose cosmetic work if money wasn’t a concern, and of those who would have work done, the majority (52%) would choose teeth whitening, followed by tummy tuck surgery and liposuction. Not surprisingly, a majority of women (67%), as well as 40% of men said they would also have cosmetic work done.

Few cite Botox to get rid of Unwanted Wrinkles

In spite of being the most popular cosmetic procedure in the World, just 6% of the survey respondents who would choose cosmetic treatments indicated a desire to get Botox to treat face wrinkles. However the number rises to 15% among women aged 45-54.

Laser skin treatments, which are often used for anti-aging or skin rejuvenation, rank slightly higher – 13% of those who would get cosmetic work noted they would choose this treatment, and one-fifth (20%) of people in the West would use lasers to improve their skin.

Women Want to Improve Breasts, Tummy

While not the top treatment, breast implants more popular among younger women, one quarter (24%) of those 18-34 noted they would get this procedure compared to 15% of women 35-44 and just 6% of women 55+. Tummy tucks are also highly popular with females: 43% of both women aged 35-44 and 54+ would choose this surgery.

Baby Boomers Cosmetic Interests

Facelifts are more popular among the baby boomer generation than other age groups – 13% of men and 33% of women aged 55+ would choose a lift, compared to 14% of all adults who would get cosmetic work.

On the whole, older generations are more likely to not choose any cosmetic treatments or enhancements: more than half of all adults 55+ (70% of men and 41% of women) would choose not to have any cosmetic procedures, regardless of cost.

Cosmetic Makeover Wishlist

If money were not an issue, consumer interest by gender include:

 Procedure % of total % of women % of men
Teeth whitening 52 51 55
Tummy tuck 29 39 13
Liposuction 29 34 19
Hair removal 25 31 16
Face lift 14 18 6
Laser skin treatment 13 16 7
Cellulite treatment 12 18 1
Hair replacement 11 5 20
Breast implants 10 15 1
Botox 6 3 8


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