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The MTM Clear Aligner system uses virtually undetectable aligners to correct slight imperfections such as gaps and crowding. Each removable aligner is custom-made using clear plastic, per your doctor's designed treatment plan. Depending on your individual needs, your teeth may progressively move into their ideal position in as little as 3 to 6 months.

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End of 1st Tray with MTM Clear Aligners - Cornwall, ON

Until I hit 40 (I'm 48 now), my upper teeth were fine except for an overbite. But since 40, I've started to have crowding in the front which has resulted in one of my front teeth overlapping the tooth next to it. I'm also getting one of those dark triangles at that place. I got my first upper... READ MORE

33 Years Old, Time to Straighten Front Teeth! - Aberdeen, Scotland

I get my first Clear Smile tray fitted tonight, and thought I'd try as best I can to update through the process. It should be around 18 weeks to straighten up 5 upper front teeth. I've had slight misalignment in front teeth for some time. After previous dental work in my early teens, my teeth... READ MORE

Mtm Clear Aligners Review - Chicago, IL

I previously wore braces when I was younger. Due to not wearing my retainer as I'm sure many of you can relate to, my top teeth have shifted. It came to the point where I was getting and feeling insecure about my teeth that I had to find a solution. I began looking into Invisalign and found out... READ MORE

Questions for Others with More Time Using the MTM Clear Aligners - Chicago, IL

So I'm only on my 4th day and I haven't seen many reviews on these Aligners. I'm wondering if these are thicker than the invisaling. Also , anybody find it difficult to sleep with them ? So far I have no other complains. People don't can't see I have them on. I do have a little lisp when I... READ MORE

MTM Aligners Review - New Jersey

Today is my second day with my first set of trays. My plan is 28 weeks long and I will change aligners every 3 weeks. So far it has been painful lots of pressure of my teeth and the bottom aligner is cutting my tongue and gums. The lisp is very hard to get over. I used Advil pm last night for... READ MORE

MTM Clear Aligners (Similar to Invisalign) for Minor Tweaks - Washington DC, DC

I'm on my third set of trays for MTM (I will need four in total) and have been pretty pleased so far. It's worth noting that I've never had braces before and all I'm going for are a few vanity tweaks. A few things to know: 1.) Each set of trays is three weeks and you are supposed to wear the... READ MORE

Invisalign Versus Other Alternative Aligner ? - San Diego, CA

Just got back from my orthodontist and was really expecting to get invisalgin; however, he recommended a new aligner out called MTM Clear. Was curious if anyone has heard of this or has tried it? I know it is new, but wanted to get a better idea if it will even work. Doc said I wouldnt need... READ MORE

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