Frozen + Mole Removal

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Better to Freeze a Mole or Remove with a Scalpel?

I'm getting a mole on my nose removed by a plastic surgeon and he said he would freeze it off but I'm seeing a lot of testimonies about moles getting... READ MORE

Went to my dermatologist and had a mole frozen. Why does it look bigger?

It didn't look cancerous at all according to the PA that was doing the body scan, I requested the mole to be taken off. and she froze it. It's been... READ MORE

I Had a Growth Frozen, Dr Felt It Was a Seborrheic Keratosis, I'm Not So Sure and Wishes I Would Have Has It Analyzed?

What can I do now that it is already frozen, if it falla off i have no way to biopsy. I feel I've made a dreadful mistake by not getting the biopsy... READ MORE

Biopsy After Freezing Mole?

I had a mole frozen off a week ago but doctor didnt do a biopsy, is there still a way to biopsy after to make sure its benign? thanks READ MORE

Small Flat Mole Removal

I have 5 small round flat moles which are dark brown in colour. I have white skin. I would just like to ask which would be the best way to remove them... READ MORE

Mole re-freezing?

I had two big, sticking out moles. i went to many dermatologists and they all suggested i leave them. then one guy froze them both, no questions asked... READ MORE

Infection after frozen mole: green pus. (Photo)

I had a mole frozen last Thursday. It was on my left breast towards the side where it is in my cleavage. Now it looks infected it has green puss. How... READ MORE

Yesterday I had three moles frozen. One of them was large, 3 cm protruding, and it looks no different. How long before blisters?

What happens if the moles roots were too deep to freeze off? Will it just stay the same and remain unaffected? Will it take a few days for the... READ MORE

Is this what my skin should look like after a mole/skin tag removal? (photo)

My primary doctor removed a very small, mole/skin tag on my right side so I figured it would heal quickly. She froze it with a spray for about 15-20... READ MORE

Brown flat mole frozen by doctor. How long does it take for the redness to go away?

Brown flat face mole frozen by doctor with freezing gun. Left with redness around the mole, one spot particularly dark red. How long does it take for... READ MORE

Could the nitrogen used for freezing one mole on my belly have made another mole (in close proximity) worse? (photo)

2 weeks ago, dermatalogist froze off a brown spot on my belly (near pubis area) that she said was some sort of skintag (can't remember exact term)... READ MORE

Whats happening with my frozen mole?

I had a mole frozen over a week ago, the scab has fallen off and it has healed, however there is no change to the mole and it is still there. Will it... READ MORE

I had gotten my mole freezed now it's been 3 days. I accidentally popped the blister and took the skin off. What to do? (Photo)

Hi, I recently had my flat mole freezed 3 days ago and I was getting really anxious and inpatient so I was kinda fiddling with it when I accidently... READ MORE

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