Burning + Mole Removal

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Is my mole removal wound infected or irritated? (Photo)

I had a mole removal on my chest area up by the left clavicle area 4 days ago. I had some itchiness and a burning feeling. I decided to take the... READ MORE

Burning Sensation on a Mole by my Eye Even After Removal?

I had a weird burning sensation around a mole by my eye. My dematologist removed the mole and it is healing but I still have the same burning feeling... READ MORE

Is it safe to ise garlic on moles? If so, how long does it take to heal the burning area of my skin?

I use onions and instead it gets a lot more bigger than before. Also it has a hole on the inner part area of my mole. READ MORE

I had a mole shaved off of my lower back. Silver nitrate was used to stop the bleeding. Is this normal? (photo)

It is red and deep purple. I am experiencing a minor burning sensation when sweat or air hits the area, is this normal? What should I be looking... READ MORE

There was a burning sensation on my mole after applying apple cider vinegar. Is it normal? (photos)

My mole is not big in size but it is growing. I applied acv on my mole and after applying it, there was a burning sensation on my mole. Is it normal... READ MORE

I got a mole removed two days ago. Is it infected? (Photo)

I got a mole removed two days ago and I just want to know if its infected or not. I have alittle burning pain here and there. But I don't know if its... READ MORE

Mole removed by burning left raised skin swelled. Any suggestions? (photo)

I had a mole removed 2 months ago . Now I have raised swelled skin (healed) , I don't care about the little red Ness I just want to do something about... READ MORE

Does this look cancerous? (photos)

It developed over 3years ago. It started as a tiny bump but the size has remained the same for the last few years. I only just recently paid any... READ MORE

Is my mole infected? (photo)

I woke up one morning to find that I maybe have scratched my mole and maybe irritated it a bit. But over the past few days, I have noticed it has been... READ MORE

Got a mole removed from my face today with laser therapy, but it just got darker than before?

I went to a skin therapy place today and got a mole on my face "removed" with one of those laser skin burning machines. It was a bit suspicious... READ MORE

I'm feeling itchy around an existing mole. It's not painful, but has burning sensation around it. Is it papilloma or cancer?

Existing mole...black, very light red and thin border,symmetric. around 4mm, little itchy sometimes, sometimes feeling sensations around it when... READ MORE

Apple cider vinegar burning remedies?

I've used undiluted apple cider vinegar to remove a small flat mole. I've used a q-tip and applied the vinegar on the mole for like 5-8 seconds for... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for an inflamed mole? (photo)

I have a painful mole on my back which appears to have an infection under it. I have a burning pain from it randomly and get a deep aching/ pulling... READ MORE

Is it normal to have burning pain after a foot sole mole removal?

I walk on my heel not putting any pressure on it. No swelling is present or foul smell. READ MORE

Scar 8 months after mole removal is irritated & has a sensation burning feeling. What should I do to help my scar? (Photo)

Hi ,I had a mole removal done about 8 months ago on my neck. The scar has a bumpy feel to it . Today I started to experience burning and the skin... READ MORE

Previous keloids & skin cancer; want more moles removed w/o scars or keloids. Any suggestions?

What I want is to get the remaining moles on my neck removed, without any more keloids, scars, or pot marks. Would Mohs surgery achieve my goals? Or... READ MORE

I have a small spot in my back I. It feels bruised when I touch it, and also burns without being touched. Is it cancer? (Photo)

Could this be skin cancer? How soon should I have it looked at? I did have a couple of scars on my back and I think this is one of them that is doing... READ MORE

How many days until a white scab forms during the healing process for laser mole removal?

How many days until a white scab will form during the healing process for mole removal by laser that burnt it off? Is potassium permanganate dangerous... READ MORE

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