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Why Use Vaseline After Mohs Surgery? Does It Keep the Wound "Soft" and Healing Better?

I have been advised after biopsies and Mohs surgery to use a thin layer of vaseline on the wound, but I have never understood why. Does is protect the... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Use Lubricating Jelly in Place of Vaseline to Heal an Open Wound?

Finding the Vaseline difficult to cover/apply to the open wound from MOHS surgery on top of my husband's head .. Is it safe to use a Personal... READ MORE

Slow Healing After Scalp Mohs Surgery

I had Mohs surgery over a year ago to remove basel cell from my scalp. Although the wound seems to start healing, inevitably it breaks open and we... READ MORE

Can I use liquid bandage over stitches on my face after Mohs Surgery? (photo)

I had Mohs Surgery 2 days ago on my upper lip area. I received stitches & I was told to keep the area moist with Vaseline & covered to prevent... READ MORE

Large scab 7 weeks post-MOHS - should I put Vaseline on it or just not worry?

MOHS for bcc on forehead Nov. 7. After stitches removed two weeks post-op, a large scab remained in center of area; this scab is still just as large... READ MORE

Mohs Surgery on my Scalp?

It has been three weeks since my surgery. can I leave the bandage off and just put Vaseline on the wound READ MORE

Does my nose appear to be healing properly or would you return to have it looked at if it were you? (Photo)

I had MOHS surgery performed on my nose 10 days ago to remove a squamous cell lesion. It was in situ and the doctor said he was able to remove it in... READ MORE

Does it appear healed enough to stop that and just go with sunscreen? (photos)

Had MOHs surgery 16 days ago for bcc. Been using Vaseline and covering with bandaid 24/7. Thanks READ MORE

After MOHs on the side of my nose with graft done, only using lots of Vaseline

I cannot use band aides as back reaction. Surgery done Oct. 14 th. Is it normal to have a gooey yellow covering of the wound. READ MORE

Cancer removed from my nose, and a skin graft. Is this normal?

I had Basinal cancer removerd from my nose, and a skin graft taken in front of my ears to fill the area where they removed the cancer this procedure... READ MORE

Should vaseline continue to be used after stitches removed from mohs surgery one week ago?

Is it good to keep vaseline on a scar where stitches from mohs surgery were removed one week ago and if so for how long. Should I use some type of... READ MORE

How long should it take for an open wound on lower leg to heal?

I had a curettage and cauterization for the removal of a squamous cell cancer on my lower left leg three months ago. There is a portion that has not... READ MORE

Had to remove n keep bandages off. They were driving me crazy. My skin is extra sensitive n thin since I have CLL. (photo)

After pressure bandage came off i cleaned n put heavy coat of vaisoline n bandaged as well as I could given the location but it bothered me so very... READ MORE

When can I get the site wet/shower on my Basel cell skin graft ?

Today makes two weeks he has me putting ceraVe now on it ,over the skin graft ,but the scab is still there ,as I did the Vaseline and bandaid like I... READ MORE

After MOHS healing process! Is this what it should look like or should I be concerned?

I had mohs surgery on Jan 30, 2015 on my scalp. Had stitches removes 10 days after and they told me I could stop using Vaseline. I took this picture... READ MORE

Scar healing process after MOHS? (Photo0

Had MOHS procedure on Jan 31,2015 for basal cell carcinoma on top of scalp. Had inner and outer stitches for closure. 10 days after the surgery I had... READ MORE

Should I continue to use Vaseline on my surgical wound after stitches were taken out?

I've had Mohs surgery on my cheek. My resulting surgery line is 5.3 cm. Stitches were removed yesterday-day 7. Healing is going well. Should I... READ MORE

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