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2 Days Post-op MOHS Surgery - How to Reduce Swelling?

Dear doctors, I had a nodular BCC removed 2 days ago via MOHS - lateral to my right nostril in the nasal labial crease. Final incision extends from... READ MORE

Puffiness After Mohs Surgery

I had Mohs surgery done on my face just below the eye 5 weeks ago. There is still some puffiness in the area. Is this normal and if so, is there... READ MORE

Moh's Surgery Near Eye- Is This A Complication?

Moh's surgery on cancer 1 - 1 1/2 inches from eye. 2 days post-op and swelling is much worse than before. (bottom eyelid is swollen all the way up... READ MORE

Swollen and Hard After Mohs Surgery

Had mohs 12 days ago. almost all swelling completely gone. 1cm Wound on side bridge of nose closed in linnear type fashion. Stitches from upper side... READ MORE

I had upper lip MOHs surgery and reconstruction 3 days ago and I am still pretty swollen. How long for this to go down?

How long might it take for the swelling in the upper lip area take to go down? How long should I stay away from exercising? Is it okay to walk on my... READ MORE

5 Wks After MOHs Surgery, Severe Swelling/Clogged?

My friend had MOHs surgery about 5 weeks ago on the side of his nose. He now has severe swelling inside that nostral to the point that he says... READ MORE

How long does the swelling and redness last after Mohs on nose?

How long does the swelling and redness last? Do most patients need the dog ear cut off a month after surgery? READ MORE

Mohs surgery done on cheek, when will swelling go away? (photo)

I had mohs surgery done 3 weeks ago in center of cheek. I experienced swelling in the area around my upper cheekbone. I still have a little swelling... READ MORE

How long should swelling last after Mohs Surgery when it's near your eye? (photo)

I had the mohs procedure done 3 weeks ago for two bccs on the inside bridge of my nose very near the corner of my eye. I had dissolvable stitches and... READ MORE

When will the swelling resolve?? When should I start exercising again??

I had a basal cell carcinoma removed from the right side of my forehead at the hairline 1 week ago. The Dr had to go in 3 times to get clear margins... READ MORE

Asymmetrical nostrils after Mohs? (Photo)

29 year old female. Mohs procedure to remove 3 mm BCC on middle left side of nose. Simple closure but still opted to have plastic surgeon do it.... READ MORE

After surgery, my lip has swollen to 4 or 5 times its normal size. Is this normal or should I consider ER treatment?

I had Mohs surgery on the 3rd of July just above my upper lip & the repair involved stitching in and around the lip. I was expecting some swelling but... READ MORE

​3 weeks post op of MOHS Surgery for BCC on nose with forehead graft, will swelling go down?

Swelling after foreheadflap surgery to cover BCC removal area on nose. The division of the top part of the graft (not sure what it's called) won't be... READ MORE

What is normal for wound healing after MOHs surgery?

I had MOHS surgery last Monday, I am unsure of how the area should look now. There has been some oozing and a little bleeding, My nose does itch and... READ MORE

Exactly what is the massage technique? I'm guessing this is to work out the swelling and flatten the scar?

I had MOHS performed for basel cell on the side of my nose, removed about a half dollar size cancer. Doc says massage should start soon but gave no... READ MORE

Residual swelling after Mohs surgery (cheek near nose). Any suggestions? (photos)

After 5-1/2 months, I still have a noticeable swelling (puffy soft lump) at the low end of my scar (cheek near nose.) I massage 5 times a day, as told... READ MORE

11 months post op, next to nose skin was taken for a skin flap at crease of mouth. Is this normal?

, now next to nose swells and looks like it is filled with fluid, has been 11 months since Mohs surgery, is this normal? READ MORE

Is it normal to still have significant swelling inside my nose over 2 months after surgery?

I had MOHs for the 2nd time in 2 years on the exact same region ( left side of nose). In both surgeries the doctor went in 3 times to get all the BCC.... READ MORE

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