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Should I Remove my Bandage and Let my Stitches Air out 4 Days After Mohs Surgery?

Just had Mohs surgery on my forehead 4 days ago. Can I take the bandage off for good and let the stitches air out now? Going to have them removed... READ MORE

Skin Graft After Mohs Surgery Split Open About 4-5mm the Day After Stitches Came Out

I had Mohs surgery near the corner of my eye for basal cell lesion 9 days ago. The nurse took stitches yesterday. She warned that if I rubbed it too... READ MORE

Mohs Surgery on Nose - Stitches or Left to Heal by Itself?

I had a biopsy and the results are that I have a squamous cell on the tip on my nose, very small area. Using a Mohs Surgeon how will he/she determine... READ MORE

Why Did I Get Stitches Next Day After Mohs Surgery?

When I scheduled my Mohs surgery, I was told that changes to insurance made it necessary for me to return the second day to get my stitches. If I was... READ MORE

Can I use liquid bandage over stitches on my face after Mohs Surgery? (photo)

I had Mohs Surgery 2 days ago on my upper lip area. I received stitches & I was told to keep the area moist with Vaseline & covered to prevent... READ MORE

I Am Having Mohs Surgery and Will Not Have Any Stitches or Sutures and I Am Worried I Will Have a Raised Scar or Lump. (photo)

It is on my left cheek. I am 32 and I am in marketing and I am very concerned about how I will heal on my own if my skin will come together properly... READ MORE

Internal Stitch after Mohs surgery?

I had Mohs surgery on my nose and just needed a few internal and a few external stitches. It has been 3 weeks since the external stitches were removed... READ MORE

Is It Okay for a PA to Do Facial Repair After Mohs?

The dermatologist/Mohs surgeon did the surgery, harvested the graft, and left his PA to do the rest. I know that many PA's may be good at... READ MORE

2 days post op Mohs Surgery on left wing of nose. Any suggestions on the scar? (photos)

I had Mohs Surgery two days ago. after 1 layer I was told that all the bcc is removed. He told me it's deep, I will have a big scar & had a choice of... READ MORE

Can nickel Size Mohs Round Scalp Scar From Stitches Opening Be Corrected or Reduced?

I am a female, late 40's that had Mohs on scalp 10 mos ago. The stitches opened. It was horrible. I am now left with nickel sized indented round hole... READ MORE

Feeling a twitch under my healing scar after having mohs surgery on my face

I had Mohs surgery on my face just left of my nose 3 weeks ago. I had subcutaneous dissolving stitches as well as stitches to close the wound. The... READ MORE

Asymmetrical nostrils after Mohs? (Photo)

29 year old female. Mohs procedure to remove 3 mm BCC on middle left side of nose. Simple closure but still opted to have plastic surgeon do it.... READ MORE

Could it be a stitch that has not dissolved? When will it go away? If so, is there anything I can do to help it dissolve?

I had mohs surgery done about six weeks ago. The wound seems to be seeming fine, but a little below the wound, I have a small lump that doesn't want... READ MORE

Nose scar revision after mohs? (Photo)

7 week old scar on nose after mohs surgery. I had botched stitches and now I have a large, round, depressed scar. I have been using scar gel on it for... READ MORE

There is a concave stitches after Mohs surgery. Is this normal? (photos)

29 year old female. Mohs procedure to remove 3 mm BCC on middle left side of nose. Simple closure but still opted to have plastic surgeon do it.... READ MORE

Will a doctor remove stitches if the incision is infected?

I had MOHs surgery with bilobed flap on my nose one week ago... It is red and I'm pretty sure it's infected. I'm afraid if he takes them out, the... READ MORE

I got stitches taken out of my leg today after mohs surgery. Should I see a doc? It feels like it will open up (Photo)

No answering service at the DR office. Do I go to urgent care or wait till office opens in the morning? READ MORE

Did doc over do MOHs incision?

I went to the dermatologist for a basil cell on my face. The PA that did the biopsy said it was so small that she likely got the whole thing and I may... READ MORE

Large indentation where stitches are on nose. Will this go away?

There is a very distinguishable indentation on my nose where I have 2 internal stitches and 5 external stitches. I am 24 hours post op and I expected... READ MORE

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